Even Google is darling pay! Look at the German AD blocking software Adblock Plus ambitions

Beijing time on September 5th message, Adblock Plus is a network AD blocking software company. Adblock Plus CEO tyre – method of IDA (Till Faida) said: “we all agree advertisement is destroyed by the Internet.”

Adblock Plus is a German software company, recently, the company went to San Francisco to promote their own “Acceptable advertising (Acceptable Ads)” project, it describes the present situation of the advertising industry pain: didn’t bring enough advertising revenue, websites have to increase more advertising, crazy play window, flash banner Ads, automatically broadcast video and audio commercial advertisement, as advertising more and more annoying, users click on less and less, the result is a further decline in advertising revenue.

faye says: “thus caused the vicious circle, will one day lead to the whole system collapse.” Method the IDA to believe in yourself is the saviour of advertising industry.

companies, pay money, don’t block ads

Adblock Plus has 50 million users, it’s business model: to advertisers receive money, is not in your own user to block their advertising.

the green light by giving some advertising, Adblock Plus want to be a profitable advertising shielding company!

method of IDA said, not all ads are bad. Network needs to be healthy, he thought, the advertising industry to support the large free services, 80% of Adblock Plus users is not opposed to don’t hate the ads.

there is a problem didn’t answer: if the world is composed of “acceptable” advertising, eventually pay or advertising? “Acceptable” is not just “noninterference”, it also means “overlooked”, if the AD is easy to be ignored, it doesn’t work.

Adblock Plus patterns caused a the same problem, the traditional model of the Internet has destroyed many industry, now is it is going to destroy the advertising?

operation mode

Adblock Plus “acceptable” advertising is run like this:

— Adblock Plus community advertising can be divided into two classes, one kind is completely out of line, to kill; Another kind is acceptable.

– to build a team around 200 people, or using open volunteer, let them for two types of advertising filtering software development.

– for small websites, blogs, news site, advertising “acceptable” default state is in a “white list”, that is “acceptable” advertising in these sites can be unblocked.

— Adblock Plus the user can click on the switch, to block all ads, but only 6% of users do.

– for big enterprise standard is different, want to let everyone Adblock Plus its advertisement, big companies want to pay to participate in “acceptable” advertising project. If they pay, those without interference, accepted by the community of advertising to pass.

advertising pay to play

look at its operation mode, it is a “pay to play” mode.

if big companies refuse to pay? Adblock Plus the answer is: if it refuses to pay, their advertising is blocked by default.

if you don’t pay Google, its service all ads will be blocked. Method of IDA think this pattern is very fair, small players “acceptable” advertising automatically enter the white list, big companies can afford the fees, they should make a contribution.

method of IDA added: “we have reached a tipping point, with so many users, block all ads will be subversion of the Internet.”

a bit arrogant?

the first listen, feel method IDA’s comments is very arrogant. A small German companies want to overthrow the whole Internet economy? May be it. The truth is in the Google. When the world’s largest advertising company to surrender, paying for advertising on the Adblock Plus, we should pay attention to.

PageFair report looked at 220 different websites, found that users to visit these sites and 22.7% using AD blocking software.

free Internet based economy is not stable. People don’t like ads, new technology allows people to avoid ads easily, is to rely on advertising business model will fail.

Google is the world’s largest advertising enterprises, it also know this. Why does it want to participate in advertising “acceptable” project? The answer may be: advertisers pay for online advertising impression, click-throughs money fell steadily in the past 2 years. In this environment, you have to accept Adblock Plus. How many big companies pay Adblock Plus let advertising through to IDA saying no more than 20.

on the open Internet, war of “shielding” advertising will determine the future of online advertising, it is not clear. Now, the eye is mobile environment, then the proportion of mobile advertising will be promoted. In theory, for advertisers, APP mobile world environment more friendly, more manageable. Advertisers and advertising of the shielding technology war will continue and environmental constraints on smartphones and tablet more, advertisers hope to regain some lost ground, but on a small screen advertising also will be more difficult.

source: sohu IT