Entry war: history by “wikipedia editor” to write

close for some time, “the more events in Egypt”. With the Egyptian unrest along the situation in domestic and foreign affairs, is a widespread debate about how to describe the event. According to an Hannun in Foreign Policy, FP, FP global political, economic, a collection of magazine) on the website of speech pointed out that a bigger trouble waiting for wikipedia to deal with.

it is understood that in wikipedia about the interpretation of the “event” of Egypt, the entry title called “Egypt 2013 coup” (). This explanation, in look for some people, is considered to be a “insulting” and “prejudice”.

before discuss this problem, we always look at the British encyclopedia to explain the word “coup” :

coup, refers to a small part of the organization to topple the government regulation by force. The central figure in the coup organization must be armed groups, the police or other groups in the form of the army. Coup emphasizes the reverse the rule existing supreme authority figures, and generation of a new government organization.

this month 3, rebels armed coup, Egypt to overthrow the Egyptian President Mohammed mursi and his rule. Since the constitution of Egypt’s Supreme Court Adly Mansour was sworn in as interim President of Egypt.

if compared with the practical situation of the events in Egypt and the definition of the British encyclopedia, it is easy to see that wikipedia describe events in Egypt as a “coup”, also have a point. However, there are still a lot of people said the opposition. They point out that most egyptians are involved in the five days of demonstrations, and Egyptian anti-government organization only require change of leader. Events in Egypt, therefore, cannot be defined as anti-government “coup”, and should be described as a revolution of “wind”.

in addition, from the Foreign Policy of the objection says, wikipedia has two events in the face of Egypt, has taken a different entry title. It will be in 2011, forcing mursi took office events defined as “revolution”, and to the dominance of the event to overthrow the mursi described as “coup”, is not consistent the practice shows that the wikipedia in violation of the “neutral” view “, and it also shows the strong political tendentiousness.

, in fact, caused by wikipedia entry definition debate has already been done. According to the New York times reported that the presidential election in 2004, wikipedia’s enthusiasm for some malicious behavior, and temporarily closed the George w. bush and John kerry two entries. (translator note: the above malicious behavior, refers to the use of free writing principle of wikipedia and malicious damage mechanisms of the entire encyclopedia written)

as “everyone can edit the encyclopedia”, in terms of different views of the fiercest conflicts, will happen right to edit “war” (Chinese some entries also said because of the different readers ideological differences, differences occurred on both sides of the Taiwan entry editing wars).

, the age of the Internet may history is written by the victors, but by “wikipedia editors for victory”.