Entrepreneurship never stop: Twitter co-founder respectively to start a new project

if you created the world’s top social network, what would you do? Twitter the three founders have their different answers to the problem.

Ev Williams 2010 quit Twitter CEO position, and during the next few months quit his other duties for the company. He joined the business incubation enterprise Obvious Corporation , this is Twitter the co-founder of the 2000 years to create, is also a Twitter place to stay. After a few months Biz Stone announced that he will leave Twitter, and join Williams Obvious the new key projects.

since then, the two Twitter founder and they Obvious team has launched several new products including Medium and Branch , at the same time also involved in other startups ( Neighborland and Finedery ) to work and invest. Williams said, potential targets have not changed, is through the Obvious to find him and Stone what to do next.

Williams wrote in a blog post last week: “in the 2011 years start Obvious , is that we have some plans but is not clear, we started investing, hatching new projects, trying to figure out what kind of work does in our experience is that we want, we know that we work together is very important.” Now in the past two years, Williams and Stone have made clear their next project.

Williams said they now 98% time on the Medium , which is Obvious a year ago a publishing platform project. It and before the Twitter , Medium from Obvious off, has now set up his own company, employees about 30 the individual.


at the same time is committed to create a called Jelly mobile startups, also Obvious affiliate program. The details of this project is still very fuzzy, but Stone earlier in the week, wrote in a blog published this will be a free application that can help people “do better”, it has occupied most of his time. He said: “personally, Jelly attracted all my attention, also diverted attention I in other companies as a consultant.

Jack Dorsey Twitter co-founder, the main work is social networking business operations, but its attention is also outside the company. 10 Dorey bursts of writes that he only on every Tuesday afternoon to Twitter work, other times he used to work in the 2010 Square , it is now worth more than 30 $. Square if there is not enough confidence like Twitter the same development, Dorsey has repeatedly said that he interested in run for mayor of New York.