Enterprise 3 d printers will be in 2016 to $2016

, help them to rebuild the attack areas and guide them to manufacturing.”

now, often even small companies can afford the cost of a 3 d printer, but they did not see have willingness to buy one. 3 d printing technology as a new technology is continuously develop and expand, to use a function are also constantly updating. However, most of the small companies or don’t need a 3 d printer.

in this regard, 3 d printing technology is still need more marketing tools, not just lower prices. This requires an ecosystem, a ecological system about marketing. It also requires a retail market, can let the sale of professional designers, rather than let them sell these designs to Thingiverse community website. 3 d printing technology need the support of local retailers and repair shop. This also need to infiltrate the low-level education institutions (lower prices will play a large role), but 3 d printing need to go there, after all, it is the future.