End of amazon will release a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, improve the light distribution, page-turning speed increased by 25%

according to foreign media reports TechCrunch science and technology, amazon today officially launched the new Kindle Paperwhite.

so, and last year the Kindle Paperwhite, compared to the new update amazon e-readers are those?

1. Reduces the screen reflectivity, preferably in the bright outside reading;

2. Improve the built-in light source distribution problems, effectively alleviate eye fatigue;

3. The built-in update processor, books speed increased by 25%;

4. Touch the grid density increased by 19%, and let the touch response sensitivity higher

4. Integrate reading social sharing sites Goodreads, allow users to share Goodreads are reading books, highlight the text and books;

5. The old belongs to the function of the Kindle Fire – Kindle FreeTime is added to the new Kindle Paperwhite. This function allows parents monthly plan for the child, and according to the feedback data to understand the child’s learning process;

6. In addition, the new Kindle Paperwhite also increased the Kindle PageFlip, Vocabulary Builder, Smart Lookup is convenient for reading schedule, record and refer to unfamiliar Vocabulary, and other functions.

there are analysts believe that the new Kindle Paperwhite screen resolution may with the earlier (an electronic reader), up to 256 ppi.

it is understood that the new Kindle Paperwhite officially released on September 30th. The Amazon’s website has can view to the device, but only accept that users in the United States. The new Kindle Paperwhite (ads) sells for $119.