EMS that it would be the first listing of into domestic express industry

new public information from the China securities regulatory commission, according to the China post express logistics (hereinafter referred to as EMS) through hair trial will once again. This means that in a few months, the EMS will be the first in the domestic logistics industry.

in fact, for the first time in May last year EMS IPO will have been, but was subsequently suspended.

there are media reports said in April, as of April this year, its application is still show “suspended review” status. The postal express delivery of logistics is the one of the few state to suspend the review represents. Had said “failure to submit inspection report motherboard in the enterprise, has passed the EMS because it would be very difficult for us to the financial problem, or because of too much workload can not complete, is unclear.”

cloud network login the CSRC’s official website, hunting in the ipo issuance supervision department audit work process and declare enterprise status “disclosure of information display, EMS will be applied to the listed on the Shanghai stock exchange has passed for trial.

A Courier industry executives told cloud network hunting, EMS again will illustrate, listed is already assured. In general, after the meeting of the company will be listed in the next few months time, EMS will become the first domestic logistics industry.

the development of electrical business driving the development of the domestic express business speed, according to the running status of the postal industry, published by the state post office in January 2012 to September, the national express service enterprises above designated size volume of the total 3.83 billion units, up 52.3%; Complete the business income is 73.81 billion yuan RMB, up 38.9% from a year earlier. According to the growth, the Courier services revenue or rose to 100 billion yuan in 2012.

EMS will affect sida a phone? “Postal mail Courier back in China is not short of money, just after the company listed will shift the loan from the bank financing to finance. A company that is never short of money if you don’t change the company strategy and operating efficiency, and just changed the way of financing, it will have little impact on private express company.”