Electrical business executives rebuked jingdong tesco, owed money to the supplier for shame

today, well-known electrical goods brand founder meng fu the essential oils to wake, who carved the ye) lambasted the jingdong mall, Su Ningyi purchase. Meng said jingdong mall and awake Su Ningyi months don’t buy it for payment in arrears, also said that this kind of behavior is “shame on you.”

“we from jingdong have shop for almost four months, but the default payment for goods is not yet settled clean. Financial said to me in the morning, Su Ningyi bought a few months in arrears not give money… These dry electricity bosses, your ya don’t show off in an ostentatious manner on media every day? Outfit niubable asking it claims to be tens of billions of price war in a big way, but the real insider? Money is default supplier to come! Settlement of hundreds of thousands of all like to your life… You really shameless!”

“I put this sentence: what jingdong, Su Ningyi buy, open platform, you’ll never do. With your “gene” – to the dead default supplier’s vices, you can’t compete with Tmall! Hope all day supplier pull prices to as low as day cat, then defaulted on not knot, when our supplier base? ! Or are we stupid? !”

as veteran engaged in electricity, meng wake two short weibo has revealed some of the electricity industry is not known to outsiders.

1, jingdong mall, Su Ningyi bought big fight price war in the media, but the amount of money is default supplier. This and the outside world and media coverage of jingdong mall, Su Ningyi purchase of deep-pocketed image completely. Public relations campaign is always to be outsiders, adept in the clear.

2, jingdong mall, Su Ningyi purchase and vendor payment in arrears has become a “vice”, that means vendor payment in arrears has become the norm of two appliance merchant. Large and long-term supplier default payment for goods that jingdong mall and Su Ningyi purchase capital chain is not healthy. It is worth noting that the jingdong has received just announced a $700 million financing after the Spring Festival, said money, don’t have to worry about money. Liu “leaked” of internal e-mails jingdong said 15 billion cash reserves, don’t have hundreds of thousands of a few months in arrears, two compared, in addition to the irony, jingdong how the capital chain of suspicious.

3, jingdong mall, Su Ningyi purchase request the supplier’s prices to as low as Tmall, but no default payment for goods also. The only ask for no return policy platform will certainly make brands. Believe it. Fu is only one dares to exposure.

4, electrical manufacturers to weibo, debt collection, electric maker is really not easy.

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