Eight educational concepts parents must understand 6、7、8

Six, let the children have their own like things

While educating children’s intelligence, parents should not neglect their cultivation of non-intelligence. They should make the younger generation have lofty goals, extensive interests, warm feelings, strong will and independent character.

The happiest thing is to let him like one thing, even if it is flowers, raising small animals, so spare time, energy has been pinned. Every child, in the family, at school should make him a hobby. What is the best? Now the best score, others are losers. In fact, the children learn too hard, and some have a lifetime of knowledge, what is the value? Education should let the children have their own favorite things, that he even if admitted to the University, can not take the brand name, there will be health Life, happy life. Different children have different values. Fudan that suicide graduate what value? Many talented people, they did not accept the formal university education. But what they learned during their growth, such as kindness and diligence, far surpassed that of the university. Each child can have a different path of growth, so that he likes the same, will affect the quality of life of children’s lives. It is important whether one’s spiritual life is happy or not.

Seven, let reading become a child’s way of life

Reading, children purify the soul, sublimation personality is a very important way. For children’s growth, the main task is to study. But nowadays students rarely study unless they read textbooks. Any child who studies a lot of books, in general, must have an open spiritual field and its spirit must be fulfilled. His ambition is bound to be lofty and its pursuit is bound to be persistent. A person’s spiritual history, is the history of this person’s book.

Reading is the most important aspect of human growth. Those nations with a strong vitality in the world must be people who love reading, such as Jews. In modern history, the three greatest people come from the Jewish nation. Marx transformed human’s view of society by materialist dialectics. Einstein established a brand new cosmology with the theory of relativity. Freud used psychoanalysis to get a more accurate understanding itself. Forty percent of the world’s rich are Jews. The Nobel Prize winners are also the most Jewish. Their attitude toward reading is almost religious. When a child has just given birth, he paints it with honey and licks the child, meaning that he can read books sweetly. They also must never allow the book to step on their feet. Each of them has an average of 60 books a year, with only 5 per capita in China. A person who is not reading is not far away. Whether studying with him is a university graduate has nothing to do, the book is a real university, is the paradise for spiritual growth.

Quiet to Zhiyuan. People who study are not necessarily rich, but he may be a rich man.

Eight, let the diary with children grow

Diary is a good habit. By writing a diary, you can make your child summarize and deepen his / her thinking about your study and life. They can exercise their ability to observe life and their ability to drive a language and improve their writing skills. They can let their children talk about their emotions and adjust their emotions ; Can cultivate his independent personality and ability to handle things independently; can exercise his will, broaden his mind, purify his soul. Not only children write, write teachers, parents can write, there are many successful examples. Some even completely changed the status of a child, a parent, and a school. Because you want to write wonderful, you have to live wonderful, wonderful.

It is a common fact that, just because parents feel they are not geniuses, they particularly expect their children to be geniuses. A proposition is certainly correct, as long as parents and children grow together, although we are not genius, but we can become a genius parents