Eight educational concepts parents must understand 4、5

Fourth, the childhood back to children

We often feeling: children now have no childhood, no happiness. There is no good time as long as you go to school. Before entering the kindergarten, parents with many dreams, let the children play the piano, drawing, singing, dancing … Into the school, into the examination circle, many parents to withdraw from the previous game. Of course, learning is not to give children happiness, but sustenance of many fantasies. Gradually, the reality of their dreams to break, to junior high school, those beautiful fantasy hobby will be cut to death. The rest is “bitter”. As the children said: “The earliest is me, sleep the most is me, the most bitter is me, the most tired of me, is me, is me, or me.” Yes, every morning Hurry to rush on the road is a child, the lights out every night or the latest child (and possibly mahjong). Now the children are really bitter than the peasants! They do not enjoy the happiness they deserve!

Happiness is an experience, enjoy the happiness of education, this is a realm of education. Asked the child happy? The answer is no. May Confucius “On the Book of Confucianism,” the first said: learning and learning, enjoy it! Learning should be happy ah. Why not allow children to learn in games, activities and play? Why is it called learning in the study? Our parents, we should pay attention to children’s psychological happiness index! Do not let Fan Jin reappear!

Five, unlimited belief in the potential of children’s development

1, Appreciation leads to success, Complaints lead to failure. Let’s start with boys and girls. The toys we give girls are like dolls, and the toys for boys are often models, and they are active. That contains the hope that we girls gentle, quiet, hope the boy brave, lively meaning. The result of a girl fight will be a bitter training: Now it’s crazy, how to do it later? The result of a boy fight is being appreciated: a naughty child is smart. Children grow up, people say: girls to high school will not work, boys to high school just fine. To know that lies repeat thousands of times into truth. Girls are implied by the “no”, boys are implied by the “line”, which gives them a different state, so as I wrote in “enjoy happiness”: “Say you, you will go , If you can not do it, you will not do it or you will not do it. “If you want to have children, you should cherish every chance of their children’s growth, appreciate their growth and appreciate their words and deeds. If you want children not , Then complain, blame them.

2, the child’s potential is always greater than what has been achieved. Research in modern science has long proved that human potential is great. Can Zhou Zhou, a disabled person, also become a great conductor? Zhou Ting, a deaf girl who grew up as a top student at a famous American university, is the masterpiece of his father Zhou Hong’s appreciation of education. Let us believe in the potential of children’s development unlimited!