Eight educational concepts parents must understand 2、3

Second, without the growth of parents, there will be no children’s growth.

Say that parents are children’s role models. In the same way, a person can not find a sound personality and can find conflicting and contradictory factors in his family.

Parents send their children to primary and secondary schools, always like to say: “Teacher, this child to you all, please!” The underlying line is “with me” has nothing to do. In fact, this is definitely not the case. Leveraging the hand of the earth, is to promote the cradle’s hand. Good families are often accompanied by the common growth of parents and children; bad families tend to negatively affect their children. There is such a real story can be confirmed. Zhangjiagang × school a sophomore children at home late at home to review the exam, his parents invited a few friends to rub the mahjong home, the noise disturbed the child, the child reluctantly said: “11 more, but also fight, how can I tomorrow Exam? “Ma friends are in the ascendant, ignore the words of their children. When the child is angry, he turns on the TV and adjusts the volume to make the neighbors neighbors protest. His parents feel lost and face him. Children run away all night …… Friends often ask me how much time each week with children? I said busy with work, I communicate with children is not much, but as long as the child saw, I must be reading, writing, not Need to speak. Teaching is far more than preaching it. How much time parents spend time studying at home, how many books at home, and cultivating children’s realm is not the same. In 2004, the China Publishing Association conducted a survey: 45% of our families have no books and no bookcases; 96.8% of South Korean families have an average of over 500 books. There is no scholarly family, how can there be a scholarly school, a book to see the society?

In a learning-based family, parents and children grow together and even influence each other. They often have some ways of influencing success, such as parent-child reading, parent-child communication, story-telling stories, and more. Parents grow as children grow up, there is no end of the process. Parents continuous progress, continuous learning, its impact is invisible and profound.

Third, the character is more important than knowledge, the state is greater than the method.

1, the most important task of family education is to build personality Great Wall. People in life often see a handsome cover hundred ugly. With high scores, good grades are considered good kids. In fact, the factors that affect lifelong development, the score is not the most important, plays a restraining role is the character, character, is a happy man, is welcomed, respect, not knowledge. The impact of bit by bit, will lay a solid foundation for the sound development of personality. We noticed that many parents care too much about learning, as long as the test results, what the requirements are agreed, what the wishes are met, what promises are honored. Low morality is not concerned, some children lie, get things at home or something else, self-centered, do not consider other people’s feelings. This concept of education, way of worrying.

My child also took home things when he was young, but we let him know that the penalty for making such mistakes far outweighs the failure of exam knowledge, letting him know that dad and mom did not value scoring, He became a modest man. The formation of behavioral habits is also very important. My child was thrown all-day long when I was a child. The ruler I bought today is thrown away tomorrow. I ride to school in the third grade, and the keys are often lost. I often have to send us off. How to do it! Then we decided: the key was lost and ran back to get his spare key. In fourth grade, he carried the car home. How much time and energy it takes, but in return the key is no longer lost. Therefore, parents should pay enough attention to the development of moral education.

2, destruction of life is silent, like dripping stone; Similarly, people who live in life are silent. Only by focusing on the details and processes of life can it be achieved by life only by becoming the master of life. The new education experiment has a slogan: “The state is greater than the method, the method is greater than the hard work.” The reality is the opposite, which is “hard work is greater than the method, the method is greater than the state.” In fact, the biggest gap between people is the state. With the state there is a way, with the state wanted to do things, it is possible to succeed.

Not long ago, a graduate student committed suicide in Fudan University, he was once a top liberal arts college entrance exam, should be said that academic performance is outstanding, but then what? Parents raised his white, might as well stay in college Children, no contribution to society at all. One scholar has said that the difference between philosophers and ordinary workers is much smaller than that between wild dogs and domestic dogs. The difference between philosophers and workers is caused by the division of labor. The gap between people of the same type in a unit is caused by the state. Some people are clever, but he has nothing to do, blaming others, he has nothing to do. So, the most important thing is the state, the spiritual method. Those who help to cultivate their mental state should do it. Where they are helpless, they should do less or not.