Editing experience apple after-sales: less after-sales network, management does not reach the designated position

in this paper, the author is tencent digital editing Qian Xiaolei

as a digital product editing, often need to deal with apple, do product reviews, attend the conference even investigations stores. But today I did not intend to from the Angle to evaluate apple and he after-sales, but want to talk to you my experienced by apple after-sales.

as a normal user, I have to buy, including the iPhone, tablet, iPod and Macbook, apple products and accessories. Which two iPhone (iPhone and Apple iPhone 4 s 16 g) and Macbook Air successively appeared quality problem, also in choosing the Apple Store for repair at the Apple retail. In addition, in the process of go to the United States on a business trip, and accompanied by two colleagues to Los Angeles and Palo alto Apple Store maintenance products, Apple after-sales processing result sometimes makes us surprised, but sometimes also not satisfactory.

(the following experience are done as a normal user, I make a final decision on the clerk, before has not been disclosed to the clerk’s own media.)

maintenance artificial damage in Los Angeles kingdom Macbook Air processing results: free change new

the first time see apple after-sales exceed customer expectation is to go to the United States in January 2010 on A business trip, the colleagues at home to buy Macbook Air notebook A cutting surface on the upper left corner is A pit, love dearly unceasingly. Arguably, this is artificial damage, but we try holding the attitude to an Apple Store in Los Angeles. Unexpectedly, the clerk after hearing colleagues theme of “thought apple notebook so fragile” statements, unexpectedly changed a new laptop without saying anything to him!

not to make an appointment in Shanghai IFC apple store maintenance iPhone 4 processing result : free replacement machine (not including the back cover)

the following as a direct user dealing with the Apple after-sales is after his iPhone Home button failure, due to the side has many colleagues mobile phone before encountered similar problems, most of the colleagues after go to Apple Store maintenance processing: satisfied the replacement does not include the back cover, all accessories. Of course, there are a few users because the Home button failure frequency is too low, by apple refused to repair. When apple employees the way to test whether the user Home button failure has been known by iPhone users: press the Home button, 10 times if more than 3 times failure can repair.

but due to the sanlitun Beijing still only an apple store, it is difficult to about to proper maintenance of the time, and just have a chance to go to Shanghai on business, so I just went to Shanghai IFC to try his luck in the apple store. The result is satisfactory, in the absence of an appointment, the clerk with half a day to help me free replacement of a cell phone (not including mobile phone back cover), of course. Although I to apple: “a new mobile phone after the warranty time shall be calculated according to the date 90 days the maintenance” the rules have been taken.

in Beijing xidan apple store to fix on the MacBook Air processing results: free replacement components corresponding

in 2011, when in the United States on a business trip to buy Macbook Air out of order again, some edge the upper right corner of the screen, computer makes a noise when carrying. Although these are not directly affect the use of big problem, but given the relatively happy before maintenance experience and for Apple products and services is relatively high heart, look forward to a month before the end of the warranty period, I came to Beijing xidan reservation after successful Apple Store.

apple after-sales performance once again surpassed my expectations, Genius Bar staff in told me the screen and the fuselage sound problem may be caused by human factors (impact), does not belong to the warranty scope, or help me free replacement for a laptop screen and shell.

in Apple Store near the jobs family maintenance unicom iPhone processing results: different parts can’t repair

the second and colleagues went into the Apple Store maintenance products of the United States is in the Apple founder Steve jobs home town of Palo Alto. Ambassador to the United States colleague sign in China unicom iPhone is broken, can want to try directly in the United States Apple Store warranty. Considering the apple mobile phone doesn’t support group in the world, so we started and not too much hope. Results predictably, Palo Alto apple store clerk said after the query, we in the hands of the unicom iPhone sales of the iPhone has a chip and other countries, they have no replacement of parts so I can’t repair. We ask: isn’t only the iPhone in China and other countries? Clerk very affirmative answer: Yes, Only China.

in sanlitun, maintenance of the iPhone 4 s processing results: not to make an appointment does not receive

in 315 the party exposure Apple with so-called “double standard” after-sales service, the discrimination of Chinese consumers on the second day, I once again with the iPhone 4 s I mute failure came to Beijing sanlitun Apple Store, but the experience of maintenance is not happy. Since there is no advance booking online, sanlitun apple store clerk refused to provide maintenance service for me, at the same time not advised me to wait in line.

because I don’t want to back and forth from your sanlitun twice (the clerk said, maintenance needs 1-3 days, so to send and get the machines needed to once, each way need to take at least an hour), I let the Apple Store clerk recommended a company nearest authorized up, but get answer let me very confused:

the same problem of maintenance, Apple Store 1598 yuan; Apple authorized dealer offered 1897 $ ; Cattle offered 300 yuan.

4 s maintenance is also a bartender, Apple Store and authorization up the bid and the processing method is different. Maintenance way to Apple Store is replaced excludes rear cover all of the components, offer is 1598 yuan, while authorization up hundred HuaYue bond to me in a new cell phone, the given price is 1897 yuan. But whether replacement parts or the whole machine, after the replacement of the warranty from postpone 90 days from the date of replacement.

apple certification authorization up in maintenance mode and the confusion of charging standard is enough to let me off, a month’s longest maintenance cycle is appalling. At the same time, apple dealers in sanlitun apple store I quote 300 yuan price maintenance is not only more attractive, and can be taken on the day.

most Chinese apple users enjoy less than the high quality service

during 3.15 08-10 years, I have participated in many times of mainstream mobile phone manufacturer in the Beijing area the service quality of investigations, in combination with my personal experience of apple sold later, although the apple after-sales service can’t and dell “phone warranty, maintenance door” service, but also has much higher than the industry average.

I know I is one of the few lucky ones in Apple users, living in a city there are three Apple Store, and be familiar with the process of Apple’s warranty policy and make an appointment. But there is no Apple Store in China more and more cities, Apple product users can’t be in the Apple Store to enjoy high quality after-sales service, can only choose and those who are not authorized Apple up rules.

of course, this is not a discrimination, but it is the apple of room for improvement, can at least shows two points: 1, apple’s official after-sales network in China, are unable to meet the tens of millions of Chinese consumers. 2, apple authorized for up management does not reach the designated position.

in my opinion, both of which are the apple after-sales problems needed to resolve in China, rather than CCTV provoked by the so-called “double standards”.