EBay report: buy Google keyword advertising pure waste of time and money!

According to the guardian and , recently eBay issued a about 25 page entitled “the effect of consumer heterogeneity and paid search advertising – “in the report, said through the Google search engine keyword advertising is purely a waste of time and money.

Google to users when using a search engine can access to certain sites, will be at the top of the search results show the specific company name “or” insurance “and other words of advertising, and sell the as keyword advertising to businesses.

as the keyword advertising, there are 30 each year in the UK alone billions of pounds of advertising expenses, including 90% to enter the Google wallet. According to the report, 2011 years Google keyword search revenue in the United States of 370 $.

report that has the name of the company brand keyword advertising in a short period of time does not have any effect, and other forms of keyword advertising also is much less than we expected effect. Most consumers do not respect specific keyword advertising, but a specific website directly.

the report highlights the consumer isn’t by keyword advertising access to specific sites, but simply to see the Google algorithm show as a result, this led to the brand keyword advertising to attract consumers or provides information about the company.

for new users is unlikely to use the Internet keyword advertising will have effect, but click charge keyword advertising into specific sites of people are familiar with the site, and visited the loyal users of the site.

meanwhile, eBay is not a specific brand keywords, such as the “mobile phone” keyword effect test. Results show that through search engine marketing strategies for sales has little impact.
The Google spokesman said, according to the different businesses have different results. From Google internal survey of hundreds of businesses, 89% the above search advertising gradually will have effect.

from: joint press