EBay lobby users against electricity business tax: fewer than 50 employees should be duty-free

Beijing time on April 22, according to foreign media reports, in accordance with the eBay CEO John donoghue huo (John Donahoe) unprecedented began on Sunday, hundreds of millions of users to send email to the company the online market, to lobby users against is gradually approaching the federal excise tax legislation.

the e-commerce giant plans to at least 40 million eBay users to send E-mail, including its most businesses in the online market. Mr Doner in accordance with the first mail from the United States on Sunday morning, local time.

in the mail, Mr Doner in accordance with the said that the market fair Act (Marketplace Fairness Act) the legislation, for small online merchants injustice, and called on eBay users to the United States congress send mail, request a change to the legislation.

in U.S. senators will to vote on the legislation. The legislation law states in the state can be sold in the United States authorized collection of online sales of out-of-state retailers. Currently, the state can only be local merchants with entity shop sales tax. The consumption tax law for out-of-state sales revenue less than $1 million a year, can be exempted from tax.

Mr Doner in accordance with the said in the mail, out-of-state sales is less than $10 million a year, or less than 50 employees businesses shall be exempt from tax. He wrote in an E-mail. “this legislation to you (the small electricity) and sales of billions of dollars of large online retailers such as amazon, an equal attitude. This is for you so that the burden of enterprises set, greater than the burden on the large national retailers.”

Mr Doner in accordance with the said amazon every 90 minutes in sales of more than $10 million, compared with the typical small businesses, the world’s largest Internet retailer so taxes in states have more across the land resources. EBay has also had the user is similar to lobby. In 2006, eBay’s then CEO Meg Whitman (Meg Whitman) had looked neutrality and keep the Internet open necessity, wrote a letter to the nearly 10 million users.

eBay global public affairs department, senior director Brian than lung (Brian Bieron) said, “this is eBay’s largest grassroots lobbying activities. Congress will vote on the legislation, and now it is time to provide an opportunity to our users, to express their thoughts.” From eBay this lobbying behavior scale can be seen that if the legislation does not formally became a bill, as modified by eBay will face losses may be more than the amazon.

amazon has support for small retailers of under $500000 in annual sales of duty-free, said if higher than the figure, compared to large retailers, there will be too many small online retailers have an unfair tax advantage.