Easy to believe the official claimed that users reached 30 million

on October 29 Yi letter today, according to official issued a set of operational data as of October 28, two months to easy credit number has reached 30 million, maintain 200000 daily growth. But the industry questioned the data representation.

ZhangHang easecredit products manager revealed that is easy for 30 million total users, Processing information to achieve an average of 32 million a day, daily active users reached 28%, in which voice messages occupy 23%, mapping information occupies 12%.

this product manager ZhangHang to interpret the data points out, is easy to believe in such a short time to harvest 30 million users, thanks to a good user experience, and netease joint promotion with China telecom. Yi letter of users is given priority to with young users, more than 7 into user age between 16 and 25 years old, these users is one of the main characteristics of the pursuit of fashion.

, when talking about the whole competitive landscape easecredit, general manager of Marketing Department ang lee said, the current mobile IM in the midst of a heated competition stage. For easy letter, the good news is that WeChat strong monopoly is being gradually collapse, there are many strong competitors in the market. Micro letter outshine others in the market in the past two years, but with the competition, product and service experience will become more important, the user will benefit.

but industry insiders said that for easy letter over 10 million active users are sceptical. | “does not exclude the easecredit through a variety of marketing tools, won a large number of users in a short period of time, but the activity so high, really make people suspect that, as the IT industry, have a play with easecredit, don’t know where the user community of easy letter?”