Early assessment and cloud exclusive game hunting, and sound in playing AirHockey in reality

AR is the abbreviation of Augmented Reality, Chinese translated into live-action enhancement. Is a “anchor” card (AR) will be virtual people and things and the real scene of superposition technique. Can be widely used in the training exercise (disaster prevention disaster relief exercise), electricity (such as furniture, electrical appliances, curtains before buying a home can use AR technology will superposition of virtual items and live in the home, take a look at each other whether take tone), games (with the nintendo 3 ds bundle with 6 AR card), and other fields.

today to bring the PSV game of handheld platform to launch an AR application the MIKUMIKU HOCKEY “. The acclaimed the NICONICO second super meeting show in a game is by Sony subsidiary of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) development, using the Sony own AR technology (SMART about Sony AR technology, detailed instructions are included in the video) in real space and virtual most popular song JiChu future gameplay experience.

the following video to show the actual game:

because of filming equipment technology, the detail failed to display well. But the prospect of AR technology in the aspect of the game or game well sketch out:

1 develop a game: “nintendogs (NDS game platform, pet form classes, more than 2400 sets of sales, sales history out in the 12th position), Ren Tianmei (the same for nintendo ds platform” LOVE PLUS “ridicule, KONAMI produced, translated into” LOVE “, LOVE forming type, sales totaled 630000 sets) such works through the evolution of the AR technology, implementation of practical experience.

2 card games: magic the gathering, the game king, three kingdoms grades and traditional card games can get real experience. The king of the game, in particular, have seen “game king” manga or anime version of all the answers. And even “pokemon” POCMON in face of wartime also can yet be regarded as a good choice.

3 simulation management class: monopoly + AR=monopoly

domestic tour in the direction of the AR hand attempt is still in its infancy. Kunlun “ghost” of the operation of ten thousand d just the AR technology as the game development phase of a stunt, only do a demonstration in players registered phase. And domestic otaku as target groups, and a worker HuaTang game with the same name another mobile game problems also exist the positioning journal mecha girl AR. As the editor – both innovation and technology accumulation, at the forefront of is still a traditional console game platform vendors.