“Due to some well-known”? ! Pay treasure will stop all the offline POS service

this morning, pay treasure from the official weibo said in a news release, it will stop all below POS business, citing “due to some well known”.

the following officer for alipay micro description:

due to some reasons known to all, pay treasure will stop all the offline POS service. The original merchants we will properly handle, will not affect the normal business of merchants. Thus the inconvenience to the user and the partner, we very much regret. The exploration of innovation on but in payment, we will never stop.

a news, the industry. Many media, users are forwarded comments, from the discussion, the majority of netizens pointed the finger at the unionpay.

it is understood that after the main business is pay treasure to POS for electricity offline single market to provide services, business scope covers electricity business hotel logistics, air travel, online service life (such as cars, house property O2O sales), and other fields. The business was officially launched in March last year, when the official claim to invest 500 million yuan to upgrade China’s electricity COD (cash on delivery) system, and plans to invest 30000 in the 2012 years alipay POS.

despite the alipay, vice President of FanZhiMing has made it clear that POS business revolves around electricity only, don’t rob unionpay and bank business. But still caused China unionpay’s vigilance.

it is known that unionpay proposed in a recent meeting of the board “about further standard pay non-financial institutions unionpay card transactions to maintain rights and interests of the members of the bank and/or bill. Unionpay setting goals is “on December 31, 2013, complete the gold institutions offline unionpay trading business migration, unified transfer beam unionpay”; “On July 1, 2014, realize the gold institutions unionpay card transactions comprehensive Internet access unionpay”.

on August 13, unionpay has begun to action: call 52 relationship to reach an agreement with the third party payment institutions to participate in the bank card single business operation and taking single way to interpret the meeting, said across corporate transactions shall not bypass the unionpay send way.