Dry: read each big B2C electrical business user data

cloud network exclusive obtained from the best hunting for a data report, report the major with multiple dimensions show big data era B2C electrical business user characteristics.

this monthly report is produced by luck for huge amounts of data mining, covering Tmall, jingdong, Yi Xun, dangdang, 1 shop, amazon and other major domestic B2C platform.

The rate of males and females

according to the gender divide, Su Ningyi purchase of women accounted for most users, more than two-thirds, instead, Yi Xun male users the highest proportion, more than two-thirds. Other day cat, jingdong, dangdang, 1 store is essentially accounted for half of men and women. Amazon’s male users slightly higher than the female.

Regional distribution


, according to data in all major B2C website can be seen from guangdong, this shows that guangdong people shopping network covering the whole country. As in east China market as the base, base Yi Xun and 1 store in Shanghai, is supported by the Shanghai local users, shows the shanghainese prefer domestic B2C website. One user from zhejiang and jiangsu have consumption on the B2C website.

age distribution

after 80 is the absolute main force of online shopping, in the seven major B2C website, users are more than 50% after 80, one day the cat 54%, dangdang 56%. Five other websites after 80 the proportion of users are more than 60%. Among them, the amazon and 1 shop are 61%, 63% jingdong, Yi Xun is reached 65%. Apart from 80, online after the second group is 70, 70 after basic account for a quarter of the market, including dangdang’s proportion reached 28% after 70. After 60 days the cat accounted for most, to 7%, no. 1 shop after 50 accounted for most of up to 1%.

category list

more users to visit the most categories, seven different electrical contractor. Tmall user favorite is dressed up, the top five categories are related to dress up, including ms dress high-quality goods at first. Dangdang’s data is very interesting, the user’s favorite shopping category ranking, books category are not crowded into the top ten, the top three, respectively is women’s, children’s wear and men’s wear. Started with the 3 c jingdong, now dress came in second. Su Ningyi purchase and newsletter one of the most popular top ten categories are consumer electronics. No. 1 store top four groups are consumer goods, and the shoes of the amazon is the most popular with the users.

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