Dry IT leaders summit ma speech: today Internet entrepreneurship by free is also dead

on March 31, hosted by the shenzhen city people’s government and digital China federation of 2013 China (shenzhen) IT leaders summit was held in the morning. Alibaba group chairman jack ma said in a speech, the technology can free a decade ago, but today Internet entrepreneurship by free is also dead.

jack ma points out, today we a lot of people with the IT technology, thoughts, but is still in the management level and ideas. Gave him a machine gun, when the sticks. So did not appear in this world today IT do electronic business affairs still in the bargain, or price, not a value. Technology can be free, ten years ago today you want to free, is to want to die, tencent, baidu, ali will help you to death.

the following is a partial transcript: ma speech

in the discipline of people tend to have a bad memory, Wu Ying my age to rise again, but the retirement is true. I think for 9 years, plan for 6 years, 3 years. I tell myself we come to this world is not working, we are here to enjoy life, we are here to life not to do things. If you do the rest of my life, forget a person, will regret in the future. So I think my work is my life before the age of 48, 48 years old later I wish my life is my work.

no matter how successful career, great, great, remember us to experience the life of this world is to enjoy the experience. Busy doing things will certainly regret. I don’t want to 70, a 80 – year – old still early meeting in the company, my colleague was very angry, embarrassed to say again. The late last night, night chat with you so happy, back to the past, 14 years China’s Internet development, we have seen a lot of interesting things, review the mistakes, seen countless science class, but it was the best experience, the life is like this. After I went back to sleep again, I want to 14 years gave me so many interesting experience, after 15 years and what kind of things can let our guys brag, chat together. If you don’t design good today, 15 years later will be very bad. This group of people to chat last night, we these people are pursuit of dreams, have a good dream, the dream of persistence and perseverance. But China’s dream, I think 1.3 billion people should have 1.3 billion different dream, the so-called China’s dream is not to unify all of China a dream, because 1.3 billion different dream just can have today and tomorrow. I today don’t want to talk about IT in the future, for a while to ma, li young people talk about, I’m better than they are, 1 years older men is 1 year old, don’t talk to young people than vision, don’t talk to young people than innovation, I only speak some as we observed, these young people hear of something, today about how to turn the dream into reality, if the dream become reality, is the tower of Babel, blind to think, speak most recently is talk is harmful.

I’m not learn technology, I don’t understand IT, I don’t understand management, don’t understand the product, but I later found out that she had found her a place can do, is in management and leadership, in how to turn the dream into reality, I estimated that I spend more time than the vast majority of IT.

just professor zhou, often chairman told a very good strategy. Big companies have little as, small business will have a big dream. We are going to think of everyone you have some ideas, how to turn it into reality, how to change it into a real dream is not a thing. Of big companies, small as a moment is often a lot of things little affectations affected your decision for the future development of the enterprise, and even affect the entire enterprise social change, our political events, Mr. Wang so small a thing given the big change, the society as a whole enterprise. I believe ma their micro letter is also a small accidentally trigger formed in this way, pay treasure to honest tell you we are a small idea into a huge change. So I think the IT industry today, the Internet is a huge problem, we are prone to climb onto the roof about big industry and big industry development, the state system reform, the country’s political reform, as a political reform, not the things you can do. Did not understand the industry situation, just do things. Actually had nothing to do with you. The world financial crisis, I once saw county leadership speech, has been happening to the world economic crisis, the European economy is a huge crisis, so our county economy is bad, what does this have to do with you? Walk till now survive is important is that we care about yourself, if you don’t care about you, don’t care about their employees, family, friends, don’t hope he will care about everyone. I don’t want a selfless, a no private person is unlikely to have a male. The IT development to today we lack of technology, the lack of thought? Don’t lack. Need to put these things into reality today. Today many of us use the IT technology, thoughts, but management water peaceful thought is still in the last century. Gave him a machine gun, when the sticks. So did not appear in this world today IT do electronic business affairs still in the bargain, or price, rather than the value. The somebody else say ma ten years ago you are not free? Free technology ten years ago, but not free today. Tencent, baidu, alibaba ten years ago is very small, we do free at that time, everyone said that the elder brothers want to die, to see how he died. Do you think of another free today, you want to die, tencent, baidu, ali will help you to death. If you still stay in the 5, 10 years ago, even thought it is impossible to live again.

Internet has today, four characteristics, eight key word: open, transparent, sharing and responsibility. If you can not have such essence of management, open, sharing responsibility, transparent, such thoughts, your business must go soon. First, I want you to remember a dream is very valuable, but stick to dream more precious, more precious, the correct way to turn dreams into reality is an excellent enterprise management, excellent staff’s management, business model and management of the optimal show come out, not to talk about. Heard on BBS also calculate, there may be words, words, even if to recite all the words on the BBS are just bad for you, is not good. Recently and discussion on the BBS bunch cloth enterprise internationalization in China, said here is hiring factory, there are foreigners, there is a new market development, I say, international business internationalization thought is two completely different concepts. We now have the international strategic thought of enterprises in China is very little, and international business enterprise would have a lot of. Enterprises with international strategy may not have international business, international business enterprise may not have international thought. The internationalization of Chinese enterprises is strategy, ideas, system, the internationalization of talents, cultural ideas. People engaged in IT industry, the Internet industry, ask yourself whether you have IT, thought and culture of the Internet. That has open, transparent, sharing responsibility, decided to your future.

second, if you can’t put the dream into reality, it will become a fantasy, complain and complain. I have seen the most is the person who complain, the world today are the same, all people think that society is full of problems, all problems are others problem, has nothing to do with himself. Dream is virtual, but you have to do it. I feel that we Chinese are also very strange, in the ’60 s particularly strange, always want to change the world, always want to improve the world, always didn’t feel very great to rise very high. I’m 48 years old, Wu Ying remember, change others to change yourself first. To improve the world, to improve ourselves, to help others, help yourself first. If you can’t help yourself, everything is nonsense.

do business, I think we strengthen management, IT’s a pity that the 4, 5 years participated in numerous IT, Internet BBS, I heard the least thing is how to manage an IT enterprise, an Internet enterprise, how to from the organization, culture, talent, as I have said is management staff, decided to an ecosystem is not the tigers, lions and elephants, we recruit a good VP all companies feel proud, but decided to determinants of ecosystem is microbes, decided to a company’s best quality is the foundation of your staff recruitment. Determine the level of education in China is not how many university, university has how old, but primary school do much good. Since the first day, all the IT companies with things to remember you for ordinary people, turning them into the extraordinary. How important it is to recruit people.

wireless Internet will change the world, the big house will have objection? Big data era coming, will affect human life, everyone will have objection? Have no objection. How to become a is the key to start from the intravenous drip, starts from oneself, start from the people you recruit. Only in this way can you return from dream to reality. So I’m really looking forward to, and I am most afraid of is the competitor always speaks about management, organization, culture, talent, call these is the enterprise competition is big, ran onto the BBS speak empty event, basically do not have worked in enterprises or do not. Most is professor, economists, government officials, and didn’t do a good business, say some memoirs. For the most part it is.

if return to the nature of enterprise, we blame the government today, only requires the government to strengthen management. I found that many companies fell down is not lack of innovation, not without talent, but lack of management thought completely. Culture. What is corporate culture? Wall newspaper writing articles, not corporate culture, corporate culture is to write the enterprise must have the taste a bit, don’t put the company into a money-making machine. Become a money machine is that the people will only make money, the yuan, the other end of to hk, speaking out is dollars, it’s boring. We need to put enterprise into people with emotion, the emotion is the friend, a friend of business nature is good, have a friend also to speak the principle, the principle is what? Management. What is the boss? The boss is old teacher, board is custom. Without these two things are not far away.

I don’t speak macro sense, for a while young people speak, I only actually, in my eyes a man completely don’t understand the technology of dry goods, do ordinary employees. Culture really manage them well, management, culture must have strong minds behind, there is no real good thoughts there is no way to do big business. I share with somebody else, somebody else say ma god god out over the past two years, we have high speed development, no precipitation thinking, what is our future? Western management level When the great. Japan’s delicate cultural management is quite amazing. But the vast majority of Chinese companies is to learn from the west today, unfold a bit tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to learn the story of a legend, but the whole management business system didn’t have the benchmark, too messy. But these two years experience in the extensive and profound Chinese culture a lot. Share with you, too. I think China has ideal real leadership is the Taoist literature, Confucianism is the best thing, we strengthen management buddhist thought is to let you learn to be, because the leadership management ability is very strong, strong man must be toxic, toxic to buddhist thought empty it. Learning tai chi in the process of competition game ideas are quite. If you want your company do have taste, the taste behind what is culture, culture is used to product, you need to tell the difference between the company and other companies, the company’s employees and other company employees, only do the samples, have a taste, products of the company to have a taste, service to have a taste, people happy. Serious work, happy life, I hate to work in earnest, don’t be too serious work, happy work, innovation, because only happy to let you seriously will only more kpis, more pressure and more blame, more complain, really turned himself into a machine, we no matter how great, great, diligence, how painful, always remember to be a real people, comfortable, happy, because talent is to let our best.

the nagging a few words, I said everywhere, we pay attention to own the air, water and food security. The biggest danger to human beings, GDP of China’s biggest danger is not running 7 or 8, run 6? As long as we drink is clean, the air is good, the food is safe. Poor little can live longer. A few days ago I went to a town, a leader told me, I said how was your pollution, we have had pollution upstream, I don’t pollution? Don’t blame it all on people. I’m sorry, I can so sure to say the government will do this thing, we don’t need to have a higher GDP demand, we need to have the green demand, only in this way can we make a healthy people, doing business success often become unhealthy, not to talk, to the health important symbol is about thought others to listen to, really don’t want to listen to the others. Thank you very much!