Dry goods from geek park: about micro letter ten things you might not know

whether Internet industry, or a product, in the field of Internet on the WeChat WeChat team, and xiao-long zhang I have not fully understood, because little xiao-long zhang appeared in public, WeChat team in the past only in geek to share on the activities in the park.

at the end of February, WeChat xiao-long zhang, tencent vice President, head of the accepted commercial value magazine and geek park interview, interview talked a lot is instructive. We will interview together a number of the content of the article. This is the first article of the series of WeChat ten things you might not know.

in fact, have been tracking the geek park WeChat development, after version 4.0, we almost every version to readers with different perspective to interpret this product, we said WeChat 4.0 is with the platform of dreams, while 4.2 already contains big platform strategy, were popular in the public platform, we have also seen WeChat marketing has some not so good side, we also speculate that even if WeChat is sina, sina will be how to operate WeChat.

the following 10 points, is we sort out from the interviews of ten interesting point.

not restricted definition WeChat


this is a mobile Internet era universal are participating in question. But when we ask xiao-long zhang, WeChat what he didn’t answer this question, in other words, he is not willing to give WeChat define.

on February 5, 2013, WeChat 4.5 release, start page is only 1 s and 0 s reproduction is like the darkness of the world, is a dynamic flame lights up. The page part has two options, one is “directly into WeChat”, the other is “listen to a song,” cui jian “nothing”.

when asked about xiao-long zhang “why choose this song,” he smiled asked: “why do you think it is?”

when you ask xiao-long zhang “WeChat is what”, as he will throw this question to you.

“you how to use WeChat, determines the WeChat for you, what it is”, xiao-long zhang said.

2, speech recognition system is the independent research and development of micro letter


micro letter version 4.5 adds speech recognition, a lot of people think that the recognition system used in the geek park series frequent appearances on the technology. But, in fact, the WeChat speech recognition technology is independent research and development of , even don’t use tencent’s own technology.

WeChat team a total of more than 200 people, including the research of speech recognition has some 30 people.

‘s three, why not do?


xiao-long zhang thinks, micro letter in the most appropriate time to do the best thing, and seized the mobile Internet is the most essential thing, and enables the micro letter to rapid rise.

, indeed, WeChat in almost every one version to do the most appropriate.

so, why don’t WeChat launched the app? Because time is not suitable for?

“we do not value the device version, because it is under the condition of the WiFi to use more, if the user USES the device to registered letter, so you send message to him, he may not immediately received, such experience will be very bad, he lost the characteristics of the online at any time. It doesn’t mean we don’t do the version, if we want to do, it must be we want to know why want to do, not for more than a platform of the terminal.”

4, regret using green as main color WeChat


the original WeChat mass-tone attune is blue, then switch to the green. Xiao-long zhang said,

“in fact we are now a little regret in green, because on many android devices, the green color is very serious, looks like yellow, green, yellow green.”

“beginning is blue, because the first version is in a hurry, then with the color of the system. Then we have a version will think we should adjust the color, is replaced by the green.”

however, this time WeChat has basic finalize the design the product shape, users are also very large, at this time to adjust the brand color is unlikely.

“we struggle now actually, but now it will have an impact on image change up”.

5, commercialization will start from the public platform


products must be eventually to commercialization. So, the commercialization of micro letter is most likely start from?

“commercialization and good user experience I have been hoping that can make it not contradiction, not commercial will damage the user experience. It is possible, and our future goal.”

xiao-long zhang this, and a geek park innovation conference 2013, watercress CEO north o “” coincides with mine.

in fact, if a micro letter to play in the App, so commercialized, it is very easy to do and generate income. But you will find that micro letter didn’t do it, even the tencent internal advertising has been cut off. Because, in a micro letter team point of view, the commercialization and user experience are in conflict.

“why should I try the public platform, because the platform contains some potential business potential, when it works, may it satisfies the needs of commercial, users also feel without being harassed, was even able to pay for the service, it is a very good commercial.”

if the micro letter commercialization in this way, will bring a new round of the developer of the nuggets.

6, “shake” is a key entry point


a lot of people found that WeChat version 4.5, the “shake” function not only can be used to make friends, also can used for music recognition. In fact, the discovery of a function from xiao-long zhang a driving experience.

“one day in driving a car, I hear a song on the radio, I would like to know what is the song. I think, if can identify music micro letter.”

in xiao-long zhang’s view, “shake” is a very mobile Internet mode of operation, it does not require the user’s input information, very simply, the user can feedback the information to the system, then, “shake” is an information portal.

“we’ve always wanted to do something on a wave to try, because it is an entrance. Maybe we will work with television, such as shake when watching a show, can shake to the program of the public, or if you see an AD, shake it can open the details of the advertisement.”

7, text function of “friends” this is an internal test


mobile end products are in pursuit of making a fool of, why WeChat features do so obscure? Such as text function of circle of friends, why don’t you tell the user long press camera can send letters?

“about the function of the text designed to be hidden and circle of friends a lot of people said that our design is not very professional, in fact, we design special professional. WeChat text function of circle of friends, but it is not a regular function.”

in fact, in the first friend circle version, there is no text function development plan, the purpose is to don’t want to let users send text.

“in the online before and I said, why don’t we do the function of a text, let’s look at his words would be like, because we can’t deny the possibility of a text.”

xiao-long zhang added, “so, hold the internal testing point of view, we design the long press camera key text function”.

eight, why “friends” does not encourage text?


the first mentioned at seven o ‘clock, text function of “friends” this is for the use of internal testing, although to long press camera key to text, but even so obscure, this feature was found by the user.

“was thought of, will certainly have been found, that I want to if have been discovered, it is also a good spread by word of mouth Easter eggs, because others found will be very excited, and then go to show off, to tell others, he will also spread, but he was not particularly widespread, will not lead to a text inside.”

xiao-long zhang said,

“return overdo, WeChat friends are not allowed to send original text, or don’t encourage text. Not just afraid of, here is a basic assumption, want a man to write a word more difficult than he send a picture, for an ordinary user, you make him a day to write a paragraph, but it still have to let others see, he also write well, it’s very hard. I hope that our product is everybody can use, then, image is the best medium, everyone will send pictures.”

sina weibo a lot of people don’t use, and circle of friends of the purpose is to let everybody can use, if you want to finish this purpose, it must keep the threshold to a minimum, to even a migrant workers also use the challenge difficulty is very high.

“if is words and images have, it is not easy to achieve such a goal. Your words, for example, write well, you will write every day, your friends, your level is so high, I’m sure I don’t write. Or perhaps you look at the others words so poetic, you eat take a picture, you feel embarrassed.”

9, “in fact, we rarely see statistics”


do products may often people think of user data, found that the characteristics of the user from the user data, and to provide targeted services. But for micro letter, the importance of statistical data and not so high.

xiao-long zhang said, “a recent colleagues find I chat, ask me is how to look at the user’s preferences by statistical data, through the data to do something. Results my answer is, in fact, we rarely see statistics, also hardly see user preferences from the statistical data. According to the statistical data of demand and the direction is quite difficult to find. We won’t go to understand the mobile phone QQ statistical data to guide the work of WeChat.”

however, how to distinguish between different people, such as male and female or somewhere, to provide targeted services for them?

the xiao-long zhang’s answer is very abstract and very professional, “you can see all users as a person, this person is no gender, age, region, education degree of properties, he is an object, he includes all users, he is a common demand the intersection of all users.”

is actually, some products to services.

10 and WeChat is actually a set of I/O system


although the definition of micro letter xiao-long zhang is not willing to give, but the micro letter to return to the origin, it is easy to see that the letter is a system message. The message system is made up of objects and messages.

“in the past I do technical writing program, for a software system, it no matter how complex the system, the composition of the core structure can be abstracted as two elements: object, message . No matter how complex a system is composed of many objects, and these objects communication is accomplished through the message.”

micro letter of origin, is a system message.

as WeChat development step by step, it will make all objects can create clear and docking information, already has more than 300 million users WeChat is a sufficient foundation for oneself, but also infinite imagination “I/O platform”, in such a platform, all of the people, things, events are object, all the behaviors are understood as the communication between the object and the news.

a, what else?


this is the first article of the micro letter xiao-long zhang interview series, next, we will also release more condensed, stay tuned. nullnullnull