Dry: good doctor why turned its focus to the Webapp?

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute He Jia

often see some startup for Native App and Web App of choice, in manpower, resources, funds are not as comfortable as a big company, this is indeed the problem of fish and bear’s paw.

a the elder brothers complain: do Native App, just to fit testing machine procurement budget is huge. But really want to talk about a “Nothing but the web”, it is difficult to so natural and unrestrained.

good doctor online also had struggled, but already be suddenly enlightened. This paper records the journey, in combination with some operational data, hope to be able to make less entrepreneurial brothers, more calmly.

Native App operation promotion confused

probably more than half a year ago, we are also on Native App. Like many vertical, very competitive in the field of health care, everyone’s in on the App, naturally, in each big stores, sort of App.

period, in terms of operating promotion, we found several problems:

1, a single user access cost is higher and higher. Believe everyone feel the same way, both iOS and Android, whether it is recommended, or iAD, forward, or else, prices have soared.

2, site to reduce APP conversion from official channels. It’s like logging, started the conversion will be very high, official users will slowly drained into a bottleneck period.

3, brush and disorderly competition. Brush list competitors throw money, don’t you want to?

4, as a medical App, not high frequency applications (no one will be fine to open a doctor App to play), resulting in low ratio of DAU and installations. To put it bluntly, the installation quantity again big, DAU is small (usually measured by may be more appropriate).

at the time the company for our department kpis is very simple, is to install the App, DAU these data, and the eyes staring at the competitor’s data, in the face of these problems, we are unable to once.

change ideas, starting from the change KPI

? In a department meeting, some people put forward a bold question: if we set the kpis problems?

yes, for a website to provide health services, mobile services, we do what’s the purpose? Is the pursuit of App installations and DAU? And it isn’t. The essence of our appeal is: let the mobile Internet users more convenient to access and use good doctor online website.

soon, our department kpis from appraisal of App data transformation to the “usage” from the mobile device.

goals changed, thoughts immediately opened. Analysis is as follows:

1, improve the DAU of Native App, and increase the number of a single user to the page. That the road is blocked.

2. Try to look transferred to the Web client. But the good doctor experience of mobile Web access, traffic data.

the opportunity on the web side. We discuss the countermeasure is, taking a Webapp line, let a Webapp experience overtake Native App as soon as possible, to drive the growth of the mobile end daily PV.

and Native App effect contrast, surprised

we developed touch-screen version, after months of grinding, it is the experience of using basically with the Native App can achieve fairly, especially for low frequency requirements, more lightweight Web side, users are more likely to accept, this is more than one App is much more convenient installation and maintenance.

we also use the baidu Site app services. This almost no development cost, basic is the set of templates, and don’t need to do maintenance.

soon to see the effect, we are very surprised, simple data contrast is as follows:

good doctor online every day from the PC PV is more than 1100, PV from mobile client request is 4.5 million. And the good doctor online Native App installed capacity is 4.5 million, 50000, DAU created by PV requests about in class.

VS hundreds of thousands of millions. This is the difference between a Webapp and Native App for a good doctor, at least one order of magnitude. Native App worked so hard to do in the past, DAU breakthrough difficulty is great, if we are screwing App, might bring DAU double or more, but if the par KPI, really a bit dwarfed.

how to use baidu Site app well?

why is there such a big power? Background data, we found that 80% of traffic from baidu, search engine traffic entrance value in the mobile terminal is very fierce. The proportion is even better than PC. We studied the reason, in addition to tilt on the site app itself in the search rankings, the flow of the long tail word also account for a large proportion, it is a Native app doesn’t have advantages.

here I want to specifically mention the baidu Site app. The reason why many entrepreneurs use it only has 3:1, to reduce the cost of development; 2, its template experience is good, simple and clean; 3, baidu, is good for SEO.

use of Site app, a good doctor to play a little bit of skill, we added a judgment on the home page code, if from high version of the iOS or Android, to the user feedback is our own development of touch screen version of the page, for the low version of the Android and Symbian system, feedback Site app page.

the advantage is, for high-end machine, can provide more suitable for the doctor’s experience, for low-end machine can provide faster loading.

you should pay more attention to Webapp operation promotion?

good doctor’s case is not suitable for you. What services should attaches great importance to the Webapp? Simple refining.

1, the low frequency service. Such as the analysis of the above, the user’s mobile phone desktop will be more and more clean, no one wants to put a lot of App in less than once a month, spending extra traffic to upgrade it. This is a pain, and not science.

2, CP. CP interactivity is relatively simple, Webapp and the experience of Native App gap easily reduced to close to zero. And CP easily through the baidu Site app this fool tools transformation, development costs almost to zero.

what need reminds is, a lot of sites in the PC era attaches great importance to SEO content type, but the degree of attention to the mobile version is not enough, so that the PV from mobile accounted for than late couldn’t get on. According to our experience, this kind of website must be ready to move quickly version of the optimization, the experience to do up, PV to a meeting.

Chinese users have typical behavior of two extremes: one kind is very dependent on the App, they even seldom use the browser; The other is a rejection App, use baidu to search at any time. The latter bigger than we thought, baidu is still moving flow distribution of the absolute monopoly of entrance.

Native App and Webapp who kill, we really don’t need to care about

the Native App and Webapp, many entrepreneurs mentality is: if we can predict the future, can make the right choice, thus winning advantage. Besides, the budget is not much, but only on a.

early last year, we saw a U.S. Mobile Web developers to write an article “the”, was inspired. The author of two points may be able to resolve the confusion:

1, the argument Natvie App and Webapp is like arguing “print” and “digital office”, both are so contrary? At least in the visible future, not a choice.

2, mobile Internet is not the poor game, if you are reluctant to invest, don’t play.

about experience form in the future, to the giant Apple, Google, or critics, it really has nothing to do with entrepreneurs.

so, to be clear, good doctor online will focus on the Webapp, doesn’t mean we give up Native App, it’s just less dependence.