Dry: every guest of the mobile Internet is how to play?

this afternoon, vancl e-commerce companies hold the media Open Day. Every guest is responsible for the mobile Internet, vice President of LuanYi come to every guest mobile Internet strategy to the outside world.

every guest mobile innovation group is established, from the original platform independent business center, assistant President LuanYi to department head for every guest.

at present, online in mobile Internet, there are two client, one is APP (positioning has four different APP) , the other is WeChat sale store. Every guest order 30% from mobile phone client, mobile client active users more than 1000 .

here are hunting cloud network summary of vancl communication will dry:

a why attaches great importance to the mobile Internet, vancl

, new people and online users from the beginning of the mobile phone, lower-tier cities users more and more dependent on mobile phones. 2 make public access to information, mobile phones change. Complete information in the fragments of time reading, users no longer have the time to read a lot, information needs to be more compression. Remind to awaken a major means of users to read. 3 , mobile phone users are more willing to use nonverbal communication. Such as images and the popularity of speech community.

2, that why so valued WeChat

every guest thought:

, micro letter is the basis of the next largest telecommunications operators and Internet traffic distribution of entrance. 2 , can do shopping in micro letter intelligent innovation. In micro letter interface can be done directly retrieval, shopping, logistics, complaints and return, bask in a single share, to complete the whole process operation. Can also use WeChat complete pictures, video sharing and social networking applications. 3 , in addition to the promotional push, more suitable for precise marketing on micro letter. 4 , WeChat is one of the best customer service CRM platform. Customers can enjoy the “one to one” live chat customer service experience.

3, every guest open mobile operating platform

, every guest is open to the internal and external partners will try to move the operating platform, open to the partner channel page, special page, open content library operation. 2 , according to the effect of evaluation mechanism of operational update mechanism.

4, every guest APP built-in class WeChat

1, support the words, pictures, voice upload interaction. 2, support arbitrary create a group of functions. 3, complete customer service mobile and real-time update. 4, replenishment notice, commodity q&a, logistics notice. 5, face to face with the product promotion, product line, online research.

how many micro letter to our guest eslite have followers, and to the mobile sales and other sensitive data, every guest did not disclose.