Dry: diandian operational shortcomings and difficulties

some netizens question:

diandian senior user Xu Qihui on zhihu Shared his observation of the diandian, dry goods, hunting cloud network reproduced as follows:

little works did not you imagine so well. the following examples from three aspects: user quality, service quality and operation strategy.
Users, diandian really considerable amount of users and the number of users growth:


, , 2 month closed


, , 3 on 10 all


, , 5 on 20 all


, , 6 on 100 all


, , 4 on 600 all


, , ? on 1800 all

in just over a year’s time, the number of users reached level. This for a niche product do not have the resources, is one of the very good results. in fact, the number of users are still a large water.

1, the first batch of users is lee weibo and diandian tickets and haagen-dazs lured in. This explosive growth, a series of promotional activities to let little users at the same time make a batch of the recommended blogs as shown in the figure below:

1, the recommended number of blog and a lot of under the diandian official operation, easily have thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of attention. In the 2012 at the beginning of influence to the size of the blog even on sina weibo, is also big. In fact, the vast majority of pay attention to the recommended blog users, after the registration account, never landed on.

2 pictures diandian to outside chain (although later did some prevention measures, but the effect is not very ideal), in addition to the limitation of single image is besides, no other restrictions. To this end, diandian at a figure standing, on-site pictures frequently appear in all kinds of C2C website, wallpaper stand even adults on the BBS.

3 diandian has the function of a is very popular with independent blogger: custom templates . User has greatly permissions to modify the appearance of the blog page, add access statistics code, add advertising, low users to program function requirement, this with diandian provides a free web space. Many excellent individual bloggers begin to diandian blog, for a group of high-quality user and content. But it is this functionality, attracted a huge amount of taobao and dump station. Such webmasters in very hard little forward online articles and pictures, and to every possible place to insert ads; Buy in the web sites and porn sites under the stimulus of their struggling the prospects look much better but I do not need that exists in capital business.

to say, is supporting the above user diandian being as facade of the number of users. But it was also the users, ruthlessly hit diandian’s face. The storage, the traffic, it is money, is operator’s tears. Big spend money went out, but they could not help operators to produce any positive (some even when custom templates to have diandian all light blogging iconic toolbar is hidden from the top right corner). Little took thousands of vc as a medium-sized company, if you want to slowly cook, ChenXin accumulation user and content, this even enough money to burn.

in addition, due to various reasons, the diandian service quality drop, driving out a batch of excellent blogger.
2012 , 10 before, during and after the month diandian overseas purchase of server and bandwidth tends to be saturated, the speed of the web site has fallen sharply, visit the timeout condition for many Times, even lead to a lot of blog directly by baidu K station, a lot of hard work. It is understood that as the ten X during the meeting, diandian can only see the bad situation, but can’t make additional server and bandwidth of remedial measures.
, on the other hand, is also the policy issue during the meeting, diandian closed the function of custom templates, all custom blog page instantly restore to the default template (remedial measures were taken in a small scope, then one by one by means of artificial audit resume the function of blog’s custom templates). Under the double whammy, a large number of bloggers are abandoning diandian, return to the arms of other cloud services. The author focused on the list of blogs more than 3 of 2 since then stop check updates.

what is more, the author thinks that there are several shortcomings diandian operating strategies:

4 enough attaches great importance to the editing team. any good UGC website, there must be a good editor team support behind my back. So, netease community douban is like this, as is sina weibo. The scale of the overall situation determines the site editor, hierarchy, taste and even the culture atmosphere of the entire site. Because of the existence of editing team, let a person feel this site is real, not a will only 1 + 1=2 the machine. For example, sina weibo the muzzle raised a centimeter . Diandian small make up is based on the blog algorithm + I apply for screening out from the netizens. Each small make up the contents of one or more tags. Small make up is punctuated with junior high school students, high school students, college students, and has employed young people. These small make up have different preferences, tastes, moral concept, different length and time online, online different execution. They will start after reading just a few words of operating hints internship, internship after approved for days and days become is small make up. Is such a group of loose structure, different ideology, without strict training, voluntary editor (plus a few official customer service personnel) is shouldering the 3547 article ten thousand the contents of the audit work. And the editorial team is just the size of more than one hundred people! Perhaps this model truly reflects the UGC essence, just under the existing screening and training mechanism, in addition to the official focus to build several tags, the rest of the label is no accumulated many valuable things.

5 no real grasp of light blogging light content