Download user said baidu antivirus 360 security guards intercepted Baidu to condemn

15 September afternoon, baidu antivirus on its official sina weibo said in a statement that a user reflect through the download and install antivirus website baidu baidu antivirus program, a malicious interception of 360 security guards.

baidu antivirus, according to deprive the name of the user the option to 360 such security and intimidation tactics to fool the user’s right to know, the abuse of monopoly in the field of security, regardless of the behavior of user interest strongly condemned.

the news, immediately cause the attention of a lot of net friend, by the time forward weibo has nearly one thousand. Mid to late 2010, tencent and 360 two Internet enterprise security product “3 q” war broke out, tencent issued a letter to the masses of QQ users, said “in the 360 software stop running QQ on the computer software”. Many netizens also poking fun at baidu and 360 security products, authentication information of netizens jayyouyi to foshan television program manager said, “baidu also seems to be ready to make a tough decision, fun and interesting.” (text/19)