Don’t want to be, the United States bars into the Google glasses

dispatch of sina science and technology Beijing time on March 9th evening news, according to the technology blog website GeekWire report, is still in research and development of Google augmented reality “Google glasses” tech watches products, at present had still not ordinary consumers can buy. But in a bar in Seattle has announced that prohibit wearing “Google glasses” customers.

The bar named “The five Point”, it in Facebook this week posted a “refuse to Google glasses” poster, top write a way: “solemnly declare that The 5 Point are The sites of Seattle’s first refuse to Google glasses, offenders will get a flat”.

The 5 Point why take such a confusing move? The 5 Point boss damien duff, menachem (Dave Meinert) on Friday in an interview with The media joked that “I am but a thought leader. But first, you must understand The culture of The 5 Point, this is a fun place for low-level, occasionally reputation may also not so good. Customers want to come here consumption, but also don’t want others to know. So, they certainly don’t want to be shot down, and then uploaded to the Internet.”

menachem admitted. “we do have some fun composition, hope home a le on Facebook, a cause for concern. But at The same time we also is serious, don’t allow someone will record The customer at The bar, or not to take pictures of The customer agreed, because The 5 Point is a private place.”

according to menachem’s introduction, The 5 Point adjacent to The amazon’s office, “geeks” science and technology. He said: “you want to wear to wear it in the outside, but I don’t allow them to come in is wearing.” (qing Chen)