Don’t wait: the Retina screen version of the Mini issue or delay to the beginning of 2014

according to Taiwan’s economic daily news, because the Retina screen called retina screen), apple had to the Mini 2 sale extension to 2014 .

after the insiders predict apple will in 2013 years sales season (i.e., the first 4 ) before and after the quarter launch of a new generation of the Mini . According to the report, apple or will launch two the Mini, respectively carry Retina screen and the Retina screen. But it is unclear what will exist between the two spreads and specific performance difference.

Recently about

the Mini pending reports emerge in endlessly, Taiwan economic journal is to provide the latest version of the news. As early as 4 , kgi securities analyst ming-chi kuo had forecast about Retina the relevant technology of the screen changes are likely to the Mini 2 time delay the launch . He said that the Mini 2 or will not be able to in the industry to predict the public on September 11 month schedule delay the possibility is very large.
American market research experts NPD “ , an analyst with the attitude of the same. As early as 5 , predicted that apple will be released at the end of the year the Retina screen the Mini , and in 2014 introduction Retina version. But several hours later, the the reversed course and said will be released along with two versions. Last month, however, again back to the original point of view, and claimed a thinner than Retina to screen the Mini will be listed at the end of the , and Retina screen version will then in 2014 listed in the early years .

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