“Dog” trouble? Excited net said in a statement jingdong infringement of its brand

today, video website excited issued an official statement, said jingdong mall for trademark infringement, harm the excited net brand. Excited net, called jingdong immediately stop the infringing act, and publicly apologize.

excited net statement

“recently, jingdong mall is in the process of releasing new brand image, repeatedly violate excited net trademark rights, harm the excited net brand, and cause the user to excited net brand misunderstandings.”

excited net statement jingdong infringing goods right there are mainly two points. That excited net that jingdong mall advantage of the characteristics of JD is the abbreviation of multiple domains, directly in its propaganda film “JD=excited” and spread, serious infringement of the trademark rights of excited net. Is excited that the domain name www.joy.cn is so iconic appellation, and has great influence in the industry, the company has put its logo in there named joy, cause serious violation to the excited net brand.

when excited net requirements jingdong mall in propaganda to remove and excited net brand the same and similar elements, and to the excited net public apology, reserves the right to shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

as cloud network hunting time for this matter, jingdong mall officials did not comment.