Do you know Microsoft how hard he is? Hearing about Microsoft executives Windows Phone status

this year, under the leadership of Microsoft, Windows Phone did not launch any major update. But Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore says Windows Phone is fast optimization, only a partial deeper much less easy to optimize consumer discovered. Belfiore also denied that the outside world thinks Microsoft for Windows Phone development effort, in his view, the Windows Phone is trying his best to pursue the development of Android and iOS.

the current Window Phone8 launched three update (released Monday update are included), there are not many, but in fact, these updates are paving the way for the market promotion of nokia with other partners.

Belfiore says in an interview “ our efforts are valuable, but not for most people to understand.

although each update to provide more useful features for Windows Phone is more and more perfect, Belfiore also talked about the current Windows Phone biggest flaw is the lack of mainstream applications. Microsoft and other partners, you can do is help Windows Phone extension market, so as to attract more developers for Windows Phone application platform development.

Windows Phone8 third released Monday update for Windows Phone has added many features, including driving mode, improved version of the storage management, etc. Like the two previous update, Windows Phone updates are for the purpose of broadening the user market. Twice before update mainly provide better adaptation to the new market and low-end machine, and, according to Belfiore Windows Phone would support high-end mobile Phone after this update some of the configuration, such as 1080 p video playback, and quad-core processors.

when challenged with Windows Phone market share growth, Belfiore says Windows Phone sales in North America’s low tends to make people ignore its success in other markets.

“although at present our market share is not high, but the development of Windows Phone quickly. We will catch up on iOS and Android.”

Belfiore says, the current Windows Phone sales in India and Latin America have been more than the iPhone. “Possibility in these areas, the market more, our advantages can further.”