Disaster, wang xiaochuan also was shaking, pr

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the first statement, I am not 360 users (before a semblance, but 360 browser forced default my homepage, so I uninstall), on the Internet in 360 and Zhou Hongyi rogue practice has always been very disgusted, although 360 the establishment of a large public relations team constantly paint rouge and powder for yourself…

But this time, I stressed that only this time, I as an individual user, or about 360 responses. At the same time, “criticise us”, must gush about wang.

“natural calamity, to heal the wounded and rescue the dying is the first, the Internet companies should let go of resentment and entanglements, together, uniform resource, serve for people. As a first step, I suggest that 360, baidu, sohu and other companies sent working groups, work together, strive for putting the platform to realize data sharing as soon as possible, and guarantee the authenticity of the data. I hope this to be the Internet company in the face of natural disasters routinization mechanism of coordination and communication.”

of course, you can put the profile of the microblogging as a pr is elaborate packaging, you can also understand the purpose of our profile, even with all sorts of reasons for not great zhou, objectively, said zhou’s suggestion is very good, unified data to speed up the working efficiency, nature is helpful to relief efforts.

the sogou boss wang xiaochuan’s shoes what reaction? He turned zhou microblogging, then wrote:

“I don’t turn our profile posts, the exception. Sogou sohu and get through already wanted data, the search and media advantages into play, accumulate the experience exchange. Also hope that baidu and 360 to join.”

this tweet is trying to say what? Let me under the translation: I disdain thoughtful posts (play rascal) for weeks, but zhou can come to our side.

after sent the king’s weibo, below is some began to spray: @ malicious homemade Tricopter success: super too ash for you to be very noble and turned right? Small sample is “I don’t turned” so-and-so, “exception”, also young man why you still don’t really exceptional which let people despise!

don’t give up any opportunity to do publicity, disaster, ogawa also think appearance, everyone can understand. But in this way: wiped her face also don’t forget to play for his opponent’s face, and shake public relations but also shake became a failure pr case, being fun, is inevitable.

Zhou attitude, comparing to the

the somebody else has to say to want to give up entanglements, wang xiaochuan also jump into the “pit” actively, also do a good thing, the third industry company said, the first and second largest company you come and follow me do together, both in terms of the ability to influence or from data fetching, sogou he2 de2 he2 ability? Pr IQ really let a person catch chicken.

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