Dim sum CEO zhang lei: mobile search redefining information sources

the author: zhang (OS innovation works snack, founder and CEO)

“the world is chaos, the search is now”, search the most like is the diversification of information, the more dispersed, search the more valuable, if the information is too concentrated, achieve monopoly, even; there will be such a grudge every year, baidu and taobao, a tao and jingdong, information all over the world.

mobile search competition, the core is the source of competition, as things look, mobile search, more than 90% of the information came from the traditional Internet, if such a pattern is, a few big will not be shaken, mobile search is just an extension of the PC, well interaction, adaptation, plunder the entry level client. In recent years the rapid growth of the Smart devices, however, the generation of information and organization in the event of a huge change, the APP with information, the APP Store APP, control monopoly iPhone APP Store, the tertiary structure, independent search engine at this stage play space is small, the inside of the iOS Smart APP Banner is the product of apple’s huge monopoly, if successful, apple do a standard within the application of information search interface, estimates that a lot of people want to vomiting blood. Therefore, mobile search information source, the main is to APP standard, computing platforms, distribution channels.

look at the standard and the computing platform, a lot of people are counting on the Web APP, and indeed a Web APP has many benefits, but don’t count on it, a lot of the first wave of rush it to small companies have died, also only can afford to play big company, ali cloud OS, baidu mobile cloud computing, are hoping to developers, application and information gathered to their ecological system, however, the bearing capacity of the mobile Web APP platform has not yet been successful cases in the world, perhaps, WeChat is the most likely subversives.

look at APP distribution channel, now for the abnormal heat, at the end of march, the first army day dose distribution after 50 million, the second army, distribution of measured 30 million level, 10 million third army. Domestic mobile search product distribution amount less than the level of application of the main reason or application number is too little, went to high calculate also however 700000, in this respect, search if only do application of index, and don’t want to put the information within the application activity, these vital dimension increase came in, so it’s role is very limited. From now on, for a long time in the future, the app store this kind of form is still the mainstream of the resources, tencent, 360 are relying on its powerful ability of the client to victory is sooner or later.

the last look at the information within the APP. At the end of the day, or information you need, the APP just because of technical limitations increased the difficulty of the search for valuable information, according to this idea down, any engine, a unique information have a place in the future, baidu’s Aladdin plan is to hope to get more info about structured data, this point, move more need than PC, even, many companies rely on strong offline capabilities to organize effective information, as long as the discrete information cannot batch by technical means, in the collection, offline artificial operating mode can always survive, but whether it is a good business model is questionable.

the day before yesterday, has made a few friends came to discuss investment projects of mobile search engine, my advice to them is that the main see them is how to organize the source of information, if there is no edge in this area, can need not consider, too, for entrepreneurial teams, in a single direction, unique, structured information vertical search, never lies the opportunity, and for has become a company of monopolies, how to find a mutually beneficial cooperation pattern and the unique information sources, is not only a technical challenge, but also the embodiment of the business acumen.

360 launched its own search last year, his core advantage is search, closed by the client to bind the traffic, the same strategy in the mobile Internet will repeat itself, in fact, WeChat is the role of this kind. The importance of the “end” in the search product system growing, even for mobile search, “end” easier to guide and closed flow, fierce competition of mobile search is likely to be the first started in the “end”, runoff in the control of the information sources.


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