Digital publishing platform Inkling to raise $16 million m

(translation: million begging)

iOS on the interactive publishing platform recently completed a total of 1600 $ C round, and with two Pearson education publishing group ( Pearson ) and love thinking ( Elsevier ) reached a strategic partnership, the company officially announced the news this week.

a Pearson is already many Times to sure for investment, and thinking, love is the world’s largest one of medicine and other scientific literature publishing house, sure will develop cloud computing platform Habitat will be the main service for the two partners, their New digital version of the published content will lead to stores on the platform, including love thinking, 650 medical textbooks, sure platform now iPhone and the about 550 a category and function.

Inkling had funding for many Times, before the 1600 all C round to Sequoia Capital ( Sequoia Capital) led, in the year before in sure has been 1700 all financing, in an earlier time in that year, McGraw hill (McGraw Hill) with Pearson also sure invested a large sum of money, and the number of that money has not made public. CEO Matt images told us that the 1600 all funds will be used to help those who want to put their product resources conformity to the Habitat the publishers, and to help those who have the potential to publishers to expand the scale, of course, if they are to Habitat are interested.

Inkling recently made a small but important adjustment in post: Guy Gostyla to joined, vice President of business development, and he himself in the a unique have the same job, like him, Hema Padhu ModCloth and sure with marketing, vice President of Stephane Panier recently by Google and sure appointed vice President of financial and operating at the same time.

in January, sure started to develop its category in the Google search, was asked about the project progress, images is not did not give details, but he said: “we have weekly on traffic and revenue of double-digit growth, Hema and Gus in promoting content organization and sales results prove that our choice is correct, but also proves that our valuable ‘content discovery platform, cause our profit is very good.