Device shell out 5: narrow bezel design, thinner (video)

about lofty, curious people a long time, also had previously rumored final will inherit the Mini . But recently a paragraph about “legend” first 5 model components of video, for people in the about lofty the most on “ . In Unbox Therapy to upload the video, you can see as a lofty parts for the and the front panel. Can be seen in the video, in accordance with the existing , the width of the new device will be significantly narrowed.

if these really lofty components, new the will be better than the existing the , , and the narrow bezel design in the Mini are very similar. video with the interpreter can even holding a lofty, as control of smart phones. Can see through the video, the new the 5 than the 4 more frivolous, edge design also from originally of cone edge become more like box frame.

a long time, about the the frame design of the claim. Many people say the not made into thick borders, so simply because modelling design needs – in order to better avoid typographical mistakes appeared in the process of touch screen, at the same time in order to provide better grip. The the 5, the final design of apple will explain to this critical change, these are worth waiting for.

overall, lofty website design idea and technology of similarity is very high, but from the video to see lofty appearance seems to be no plastic parts for antenna design.

apple has announced a 9 on 10 , the iphone 5 , can want to see in the role of the conference should be iPhone . Bloomberg and Wall Street journal also believes that apple should find another opportunity, later in the year published the 5.