Depending on the share price to rise again? 100000 super TV purchase underwriting cooperation with gome

today, networks announced that cooperation with gome, the exclusive sales by gome super TV custom version GX60 and GS39, sales next year will be 100000 units. It is also the first time le visual differentiation by external channel sales super TV product,

Letv super TV after release, relying on the high cost performance and unique marketing model to obtain the high attention. According to market research institutions in the yi kang the latest monitoring, according to a report in July, Letv TV? Super TV sales of 27267 units, of which, the X60 sales of 15075 units, S40 sales of 12192 units, in similar products in the market accounted for 35.23% and 35.23% respectively, are the monthly sales champion.

at the meeting, vice President of gome, xue-mei jiang said will pass through the custom, in, underwriting “form, the use of gome’s 1600 stores, gome and gome online network, plans to sell 100000 units a year Letv TV, the TV. And, the above two models only in gome’s sales.

it is understood that compared with the previous release of X60 and S40, Letv launch GX60 and GS39 made minor adjustment on the configuration and system software, such as GX60 memory has risen to 8 g, base and some change, also built in gome some services in the system. Xue-mei jiang told hunting cloud network, GX60 overall price in 8999 yuan, GS39 selling for 2999 yuan.

in fact, before the cooperation, le regard had started the cooperation with gome. In April this year, the two sides announced at the gome launched more than 3000 stores to buy TV experience Letv product of activities, including Letv box and networks point card, etc.

in fact, gome’s sales Letv TV? Super TV and gome new strategies mentioned in the three years the manifestation of differentiation. Gome in the first half net profit of 322 million yuan, up 153% from a year earlier. In terms of differentiated products, its sales accounted for 22%; Benefit from further differentiation product customization procurement, optimize combination, gome integrated gross margin to promote differentiation product have become the main engine. This time, gome’s sales customized Letv super TV is also the embodiment of the differentiation strategy.