Day cat push electric city “no single” late late gratis

before the may compete with offline appliances retail chain, let consumers “to buy appliances, HOLD” before, on May 13, Tmall electric city summer promotion, “home appliance billion group” from the Angle of the service hit ace – the next day will be free of charge for being late.

Tmall electric city 3 pages information display, May 13 ~ 16, midea, pentium, sun, supor, voss, the puppy electrical appliances 13 brand Tmall electric city big promote joint products in 38 cities promises will reach “late free of charge” the next day, consumers taken 16 points on the day before the payment of goods, not to 24 o ‘clock the next day, “electrical gratis.

late for small home appliance free of charge everybody electricity delivery door

Tmall Tan Biao electric city general manager, said on May 13 ~ 16 billion group “” home appliance, Tmall electric city joint 13 14 paragraph ultra low-cost brand push custom new appliances. Ten of the small home appliance product will be late “free of charge” commitment, 4 major appliances have moved upstairs, door delivery service, silent promise will pay one hundred yuan.

in May last year, the day the cat electric city to start the summer promotion, the small home appliance, 100000 group took the lead in the industry to shout out “no single” late service, covering 22 cities. The selling point of affordable price and the custom, 3 days to sell more than 130000 sets of small home appliance. Although sales more than expected, the logistics service still very to force, limited scope of the next day delivery rate is as high as 99.9% above.

this year “home appliance billion group” late free of charge, in addition to cover last year in Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, chongqing, suzhou, nanjing, wuxi, changzhou, hangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou, shaoxing, huzhou, jiaxing, guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan, foshan, huizhou, zhongshan, chengdu and other 22, also added a jinan, baoding, langfang, shijiazhuang, tangshan, qinhuangdao, chengde, deyang, mianyang, neijiang, zigong, the 16 cities such as leshan, a total of 38.

“the next day is a service commitment, a lot of electricity also said in the ‘to’ the next day, but for late after compensation is seldom mentioned. The home appliance group during late free of charge, circuit city and brands can make such a commitment, and a time limit of Tmall logistics partner of service ability have the confidence.” Tmall logistics department said.

it is understood that in May 2012, Tmall and occupied most of the domestic market of the nine main express company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides in such aspects as logistics limitation standards have more coordination and collaboration. After nearly a year of cooperation, to further improve logistics service certainty. Technically, the late free of charge commitment of small home appliance brands, through the logistics system, the treasure to merchants, and trading platform, data warehouse through completely, fast delivery.

in addition, in terms of appliances, haier, midea, oakes, TCL air conditioning will be door-to-door delivery, 7 floor and below the 7 floor of the lift, will also provide moved upstairs. The door delivery service, if cooperation logistics service provider does not meet commitments, consumers can obtain compensate is 100 yuan.

a line of electrical appliances product joint starting online

in addition to the brand supor electrical appliances 100000 five cooperation last year, sun, midea, pentium, bell rider, this year added seven brands such as TCL, puppy appliances, participate in activities, and these businesses, mostly Tmall electric city “oasis project” cooperation’s core businesses.

in January, the day the cat electric city start “oasis project” cooperation with 17 companies, including haier, hisense, skyworth, philips, TCL, midea, pentium, sun, electrical home appliances brands, and day cat electric city signed the annual total of 13 billion yuan of strategic cooperation. Many home appliances brands pay more attention to in electric business platform for cooperation, and will have considerable selling point of the new network starting sales, many still based on online shop selling the brand, according to consumer product evaluation to improve the electric city platform design.

May 13-16 hundred regiment during the home appliance, make rice more nutritious pentium rice cooker “breathing”, “one night as a” beauty of 1.5 air conditioning and the sound collection of set limit to orange headphones, C2B consumer opinion after puppy electric blue shield multilevel filter cleaner, with industry innovative ironing more stable bell rider double pole hang ironing machine, and will automatically run to the charging of voss sweeping robot, etc., will be came out. New product price is also very friendly, the lowest price only 2.3 fold, and through joint bargain, “custom” sales, let you buy, such as value.

China electronic commerce research center, according to a report in 2012 Chinese online 3 c electrical appliances accounted for the proportion of online shopping has been as high as 24%, only 28% of the clothing shoes and hats, such as textiles become the second largest category. While Tmall electric city public data shows that the sales up to 50.2 billion yuan in 2012. Leading online home appliance industry day cat electric city summer promotion goes up, the electricity line also will usher in a new round of contest.