Day cat 2013 how to play?

today, Tmall release strategy planning in 2013, launched “flagship store upgrade plan”. This is the day the cat changes in order to adapt to the new trend of online shopping, for the first time, the existing stores, stores, flagship store system adjustment. After upgrading the flagship store, can become the unity of brand and sales “station” brand.

according to cat’s official introduction, days of cat 2013 cats from a simple strategy is to day sales platform upgrade to help businesses and consumers connections platform, brand stand will serve as the task. The so-called brand is through the way of brand construction, interactive, normalized, promote the brand awareness, sales, market share and to increase the ROI (flow rate).

on September 11, the day the first cat 44 big-name brands station appearance, the first batch of including procter & gamble and Microsoft, only, pond’s, haier, 44 major brands such as bausch, TCL have collective upgrade, involving the maternal and infant, wash clothes, medicine, protect, department stores, almost all electric business vertical industry such as electrical appliances.

brand stand is the day the cat on “shelf type” electricity selling way sweeping reforms, as the leading electric business platform, for both the online mode of consumption experience a big change, this will give full play to the merchant’s originality and ability, better let the brand to interact with consumers.
According to introducing, Tmall made such a big adjustment from brands pain points and changes in consumer demand: Tmall found in communicate with brands, most marketing strength of the brand, has been dissatisfied with the existing flagship pure sales model, hope in Tmall transformed from brand awareness to the sales of the whole closed loop, makes its flagship brand in Tmall mini site. At the same time, consumers have to electricity shopping “shelves for many years, hope we can establish in addition to the prosperous communication and brands, more other forms of interaction.
At present, although the first business brand stand has been online, but is still in the groping stage, the rules are not clear. In addition, the “pure brand stand” way to access also appear for the first time, this is the day the cat the radical change of existing simple sales model. “Such as durex, perfect world, several such as xi ‘an Yang sen, cat is” pure stand “way to day. Say simply, you don’t sell, can come day cat to play.”