Data show that Google + diversion effect at the bottom, or a social desert

Shareaholic recently released a research institutions in the current popular social media sites “diversion” report. The report points out, Facebook, Twitter, traffic guidance effect is best, while the guide effect of the Google + bottom.

the Shareaholic in the past 13 months to track statistics of 200000 publishers, in order to analyze what social media brought more traffic to the publisher.


1, Facebook and Pinterest, Twitter diversion works best

guided by the above three sites of flow accounted for 15.22% of total flow last month. In addition, they all three traffic guide year-on-year growth of more than 50%. Facebook is 58.81%, Pinterest is 58.81%, Twitter is 54.12%;

2, Reddit recommend falling

as a social news aggregators, Reddit fell 35.16% year-on-year export flow;

3, Youtube and LinkedIn diverting capacity increased

although Youtube and above. Not at the top, both in terms of the diversion ability, is in rapid rise. According to the statistics, recommended flow, an increase of 52.86%, Youtube and LinkedIn recommended a 34.51% increase in the flow;

4, Google + diversion is still unable to compare with other social media

although Google + last month brought millions of page views for publishers, but in the total import flow, it only accounted for 0.04%. Although Google has been trying to build social platform with Google + as the core, but for now, it still can’t compete with giants such as Facebook.