Data show that 72% of American players choose to play online games

Beijing time on May 4 morning news, according to the technology blog GeekWire reports, market research firm NPD report released today, the United States has 72% of online game players to choose, than the same period last year increased by 5%.

this may be a good trend for Microsoft. The news that the next generation of Microsoft Xbox console or will use “always on” (always on) pattern, but this news caused some controversy. Allegedly, Microsoft plans to release at the end of this month, a new generation of Xbox, but this message has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft.

the NPD data also shows that there is still no online more than a quarter of the game. In addition, the data shows, using PC for the number of online game players, at 68%, down 4% year-on-year. The PC still is one of the biggest online gaming platform, but the mobile platform has been followed by up to 56%, up 12% year-on-year.