[data] Adobe reported: tablet computer network traffic for the first time more than smartphones

Beijing time on March 8, according to foreign media reports, the latest Digital from the Adobe Index, according to a report from the tablet for the first time the network traffic over the network traffic from the smartphone.

Adobe’s Digital Index report followed in June 2007, has more than 1000 sites of the world’s more than 1000 one hundred million visit, what kind of equipment has brought the biggest page views to contrast. Monitoring of the market as the UK, the us, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, France and Germany. Data show that the contribution of smartphones and tablet computers network traffic gap is not big, tablet computers account for 8% of the total traffic, smartphones accounted for 7%, but considering the time is not long tablet (it first went on sale in April 2010 only), the network traffic growth of significant contribution to the tablet.

according to Adobe, compared with desktop computers and laptops, using tablets and smartphones the proportion of the two kinds of mobile devices to browse the web is not large, and desktop computers and laptops up to 84%, but the proportion of tablets and smartphones are also growing, particularly rapid growth of tablet accounted.

Adobe that tablet increase page views to benefit from the tablet screen size is very suitable for browsing the web, compared with the smart phones, tablets of larger screen, however, the current device screen size of the gap is shrinking, some tablets to reduce the size, and some of the big screen will be used on smartphones. But Adobe found, on average, each time the user to use tablet computers to access the page number than when using smartphones More than 70%, so the tablet users will be more leisure online or in the leisure time surfing the Internet.

in addition, the user use tablet and smartphone Internet behavior is also different. Adobe, according to data from the tablet users more love shopping online, in different industry sites, tablet computer users to access the highest percentage of retail site, followed by cars and tourist shopping site.

Adobe said: “we have been paying close attention to the user use tablet computers on the Internet. In January last year, we found that the average each tablet users online order amount is more than 54% of smartphone users, more than 19% of this computer user desktop and notes. Last year’s holiday shopping season, by tablet trading accounted for 13.5% of the transaction. Last month before the contest of “super bowl”, through the tablet users watch online games than previously doubled. Now, we also found that in terms of e-commerce and user engagement, tablet computer network traffic more valuable, and tablets, also is the main device of mobile browsing.”

in the country of all Adobe tracking, 2012 tablets occurred on the network traffic rate doubled, one of the UK tablet computer network maximum flow, then there is the United States. Adobe is expected, 2013 tablets have increased rapidly in the network traffic trends will continue. In November last year, some countries of tablet computer network traffic than the fallen slightly, mainly due to the PC traffic increase, rather than a tablet computer network flow down.

source: tencent technology