Danger of infringement hand tour! Kunlun wu Q biography was forced to change big game content

ignore copyright, can walk in hand in the travel industry for so long? Kunlun game’s answer was 4 days.

the company agent card player just swim wu Q biography with apple adjustment app store rules jumped to the forefront of the free list and bestsellers. But the hot hand tour yesterday because of copyright issues in a hurry to replace the in-game characters and name and the name of the part level, before the game officially open beta just over the past four days.


according to tecent science and technology, the swimming time long-term disregard for copyright rules are encountering challenges, domestic wuxia card player after swim are in no copyright operating state. Kunlun game “biography of wu xia, Q and forced to modify the name of tort character level is just a start, the jin yong’s hand swim rights has been perfect and changyou monopolies, and” cologne works management development committee “authorized only six network game this year, tour of the martial arts world will usher in a hand renamed agitation.

infringement renamed to provoke netizens questioned 5 star evaluation of abnormal increase

according to tecent science and technology, the kunlun mountains to replace the biography of wu xia, Q game character name and level of work is very complete, master li has been replaced by god, become the blademaster leaf gu city, Simon blow snow simply becomes a officer person, strait and coolly valley also turned out to be rude. Currently 91 than the official apple transport platforms such as game content is not to replace.

the changes for players not universally recognized, the majority of the players in the BBS and QQ group, said the atmosphere of martial arts is the essence of the game and attraction, this can lead to other players. In addition to part of a character class in the renamed it is difficult to corresponding characters, the sense is not strong, the kunlun game did not give a official response.

it is important to note that although the player within the official BBS and QQ group is complaining about the name, but in the App Store, continues to have a ID for below 5 star evaluation, gamers with real contrast. In the biography of wu xia, Q and forced to replace in-game characters and the day before nouns, kunlun game through individual media talk about being mobile game marketing strategy.

it is reported that so far in the kunlun, one of the most successful mobile game product of wu xia Q biography, and kunlun ten thousand d group’s main revenue is from kunlun game. In 2012, the kunlun mountains ten thousand d has been submitted to the securities and futures commission listed on the application materials, but because the securities and futures commission public policy tightening, have been unable to successfully listed.

jin yong GuLongFei free resources Martial art card will suffer more risk of copyright

there are internal staff revealed that the kunlun kunlun game in the agent had predicted at the game may have problems, Taiwan version of the biography of wu xia Q because of copyright issues on the part of the character’s name change. Kunlun agent but ignore the problems after the game, hold “has so many games of infringement, try also just as well,” the idea of doing a gamble, was eventually forced to swallow the bitter fruit.

according to tecent science and technology, the kunlun’s biography of wu xia Q game was forced to modify the infringement nouns can be make up a missed lesson, the jin yong’s cologne novel mobile game film concentrated in the hands of a few games, including future honeycomb game “big head”, swimming race network “warrior”, “meng river’s lake”, via rodek Wu Xialai the etc has lucrative card player both swim will face the same problem.

publicly reported, according to sohu swim ten books has spent 20 million yuan jin yong’s mobile game of the exclusive rights, based on the 10 wuxia many mobile game is developing; While perfect holdings include “smile the ao river’s lake” “the legend of the condor heroes” the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “” giant” and so on some of the hand of jin yong’s martial arts works copyright.

page swim vices infect mobile game “Mr. Xing (weibo) mode” or to avoid disputes template

according to tecent science and technology, since page popular swim, because without considering the enterprise image and rare public companies, ignoring the copyright page has become each big swim the unwritten rules of the company, has the media reported earlier, 37 wan game company steal other game company material for many times, even the perfect “smile the ao river’s lake” theme song straight away. In addition to 7 k7k theft sohu swim “tian long ba bu” material as advertising material, 91 wan use candle led by the DLC, tan has also been media multi-exposure material as advertising material.


a game developer, said swim copyright confusion than outsiders imagine, because of rapid development with the game cycle is short, many pages in and out company is unsure whether owned or infringing the copyright others, sohu swim purchase page the seventh avenue to swim, play hall, long-term theft koei “big navigation 4 times more than the first episode, similar example.

Kunlun game

the personage inside course of study, according to replace the biography of wu xia, Q game character name and level, draw lessons from the industry bosses Mr. Xing, “my name is MTonline” free translation model, adopted by the allegedly infringing content by methods such as with the original, although it has received a submission for the works of the copyright of the journal I’m MT, but its still will be changed in-game level BOSS name, to avoid copyright issues.

it is reported, “I’m MT” is an adaptation of world of warcraft submission for the manga and anime, mobile game developers le dynamic excellence by authorized developed in card game “I’m MT” as the background. To tencent technology have lawyers said that “I’m MT Online career, copy, BOSS, equipment, etc. All refer to the world of warcraft, blizzard is temporarily not resort to the law does not represent dynamic excellence without risk, but it is indeed a possible way to avoid.