Criticism of wheel Path C to $50 million?

(translation: million begging)

it is alleged that the Path the recent ongoing line 5000 $ C round of financing, financing after Path total valuation of 5 $. Source told TechCrunch , according to the current financing has been oversubscribed, but led party has not yet been determined. Investors are included in a “strategic levels of private investment group” from Asia.

last 4 , Path been round line 3000 million dollar funding, at that time a total valuation of 2.5 $.

the Path by Facebook Dave Morin founded by private social networks, the mobile application design elegant, also stipulates that a friend online, limited to acquaintances / between private social network.

we also heard that some recently with Path the relevant bid rumours. Google was in 2011 years offer 1 $to buy Path , it’s a pity that negotiations failed. Recently the about who is going to buy Path in most of the buyer or Google. However, sources tell us that all these rumours.

TechCrunch has reported Path the valuation of up to 10 $. Why didn’t reach the latest rumours? A source said: Path never seek so high valuation of financing. The current valuation 5 $ C round are a bit difficult.

on the other hand, there are always “and XX investors eyeing Path “rumor floating; Now, on the other hand, the investment and financing market is not booming. Not to mention there are a lot of Path question: Path there is a big suspected by hook or by crook to get the user brush (users), and Path whether the user base of firm is questionable. For himself, for example, I just registered and give up before the Path users. Also last month in Facebook and Twitter direct messages are found in the Path download promotional information. Twitter DM a mass is a kind of extremely hate marketing method.)

industry analysis Onavo Insights tells a reporter, although there are millions of users to download the Path , however the actual number of active users continuing recession. 7 month, only 1.9% the iPhone the user clicked on the application of active than may fell 24% , 5 only 2.5% the iPhone user Path active players.

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