Counting Windows 8.1: details of improvement is in order to be more comfortable to transition to a “Metro” style

last night, Microsoft officially in the Windows Store push Windows 8.1 system update service. After users complained and media criticism, Windows 8 “upgrade” system brought us what? Hunting cloud network comb for you is as follows:

UI : overall appearance remains the same, the specific application details redesign, to enhance the ease of use

when you first open the Windows 8.1 system, you will feel Start Screen with Windows 8 no too big change. When you start to use, however, will find that Microsoft is improved on this a lot of details.

first, after the user login first will see the navigation tips (guide). Used the Win 95 users may is not unfamiliar to this setting. Not only that, Windows 8.1 there is a called “ Help + Tips “application, as system operation guide, can at any time to help users familiar with Windows 8.1 .

Start Screen on the design still borrows WP style of big piece. Although little change on the appearance, but the specific application of all updates on the content. Now, for example, the Weather application, can show three cities at the same time the Weather conditions, day Calenda can show the user’s schedule, the Windows update remind Store can provide users with real-time applications. It is interesting to note that even the Windows system in traditional software ICONS are designed to be big piece style, also appeared in the to Start Screen, which makes the Windows 8.1 system interface looks more uniform and beautiful.

users by sliding upwards screen, can be expanded to All Apps “drawer”. In this interface all Windows 8.1 application installed in the system are categorized. Pretty serious for Microsoft, because we are all familiar with the drawer design of smart phones, so it increases the Windows 8.1 system’s ease of use.

start button and snapshot views: the details of the change is for users to be able to more comfortable to “ Metro

although Microsoft eventually restore the start button, but the classic Windows model looks like a desktop to “ Metro “transition scheme. User only in the use of the mouse and move it to the lower left corner, will see the start button. But after clicking on, we will not see once upon a time in the start menu of options. That is to say, the return of the start button, only in order to let users in the transition to the so-called “modern style”, don’t be too abrupt.

of course, Windows 8.1 also increased more personalized elements in the system. Users can choose by sliding system’s own background, also can choose a custom. Where Windows 8.1 system also provides users with a color in order to let the user choose more rich color. Most notably, the background of the traditional desktop model, can be used as a Start Screen background. Maybe you will think this is just a trivial details, but to a certain extent, it reduces the user from the desktop style transition to Metro style does not adapt.

the change of my personal favorite is the Windows 8.1 to provide users with the application of a snapshot of the view function. Each application in the system can be more than “window mode”. For example, when the user USES the , happen to need to open the mail application, then the two applications to 50 to 50 equal treatment. In, for example, when users need to open a picture in the mail application, the system will automatically zoom pictures show window, so that the user view.

Bing ‘s Smart Search – more intelligent, stylized Search engine

Windows 8.1 of Bing a broader search area covered by the search results more intelligent and humanization. For example, when a user input “ Store “one word, Bing no matter can display the network as a result, can also according to the local related file or application. Especially when users search for celebrities, construction and other information, Windows 8.1 of Bing search capabilities are highlighted. For example, we search ballmer, Bing will be shown in full screen mode for the user photos, news about Mr. Ballmer. And, of course, Google , will be on the right shows the first pass of the information such as wikipedia.

depth integration SkyDrive, Microsoft cloud services to become the future Windows

the Windows 8.1 directly in the system integration into the SkyDrive service. Users do not need to all files once the download is complete, because SkyDrive you can download the files need to be synchronized icon in advance. When the user opens the file, after SkyDrive files automatically for the user from the cloud synchronization.

SkyDrive will become Windows backup in the system. It can be all of the user’s Settings, files, applications are stored in the cloud. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull