Cool technology: alipay, the world’s first release acoustic vending machine

seen eat coin vending machine, also seen eating notes, but listening to the sounds that was the first time to see. on 12 day, pay treasure to Qingdao easy touch in hangzhou shows the global first acoustic vending machine.

the scene exhibited a total of 2 support sound waves pay vending machine. According to pay treasure to director Wang Yuming introduction, these sound waves vending machine by embedding alipay sound module, users can receive cell phone from the period of ultrasonic, and intelligent processing trade. In addition, the sale of drinks during the period of exhibition proceeds will be donated to a free lunch in full public welfare projects.

at the scene demonstration, sound waves payment process is very simple: first scan the qr code of the vending machine with your mobile phone in the download is complete installation after paying treasure to purse, you can log on to the client. Prompted to select goods according to the vending machine and click “pay” face to face on the pay treasure to purse, soon appeared to confirm the payment button, mobile phone send out the voice of a “xiu” howls, a can of coke is smooth buy a hand.

according to Qingdao easy touch controller introduces, sound waves solved many problems of the current payment. “Such as counterfeit money, change, these small COINS and paper money, bank teller cost of exchange and counting and vending machine operators counting money cost is very high.” He said, because the sound waves to pay is through the online network environment electronic, online received in time, every time we pay high efficiency low cost.

at present, this vending machine has been put into operation in Beijing metro site, quick and convenient services for passengers.”

about security issues, Wang Yuming smiled and said: “as long as to understand the principle of sound wave, will not have the question.” According to introducing, the spread of the sound waves to pay ultrasonic is neither amount is not account number, but a string of deals, “trade number is randomly generated, each is different, and each transaction number is valid only for 5 minutes. Timeout or recording is not feasible, the user need not worry completely safety.”

he also disclosed that pay treasure will promote the use of sound waves in life more such service.