Cool 6 new CEO du Fang first public appearance Main short “cool” strategy

(editor: qing nan)

continuing losses, stock price is so low, layoffs contraction, adjust constantly, these keywords the cool 6 seems to have no too much, and the long-term wandered the trough 6 also need through some new measures to trough.

from announced in June this year has been appointed as cool 6 network new CEO, du Fang has passed two months. In the meantime, he quietly finished zhang, home decoration.

the evening of August 13, he publicly for the first time in the theme of “813 do not come loose, was” love, cool 6 Chinese event, and to cheer for him, also have their own “runner”, a famous TV show host China.

6 will be how to do next? Du Fang’s answer was, will continue to adhere to the development of the UGC routes, main short “cool” strategy. Doing content was born, he will put cool 6 more resources gathered in the content. In his view, the short just cool, short means users to upload short video, cool is style positioning of the content. Interestingly, in the activities of the night, du Fang and site staff are in short pants.

to play different UGC

in fact, the UGC for domestic video sites such as cool 6, is not strange. Most video website development initial period is based on the user to produce plenty of original content and gain popularity, then as fighting piracy, user viewing behavior change, it gradually evolved into buy the copyright, the present situation of the long video percentage. 6 also passed this way, the high cost of copyright, continuing losses and comprehensive problems such as management, make the company to go to the UGC. But this road may not be easy, before du Fang, cool six former CEO ShiYu has on this road to explore for nearly two years time, but the effect.

du Fang revealed to the media, because from TV, he is good at content production, based on the content is the core competitiveness point of view, and Chen for UGC pattern is recognized, it is also one of the reasons that he can join 6. According to his introduction, with Chen after all don’t know, may be China’s good voice hit caused the general attention, Chen later two simple phone call, then a beat us.

another reason is that in du Fang point of view, the domestic video website development opportunities still exist, “compared with the vicious competition between television, video site also is in a state of peaceful.” He believes that the current video website industry integration and competition is more on the integration of capital, in content are no form of competition.

so, for the original strategy of UGC, du Fang chose to continue to adhere to, just to make a change on the basis of the original, emphasis on “original + integrated”.

positioning of the content should be highlighted in the “cool”, is different, the road of differentiation. Besides the original system is divided into 6 will then through a series of “activity” to attract users involved. Profession, according to du Fang qixi festival video contest is one example, push the whole August in this activity, from which to choose high quality content.

in the brand elements and the experience, will be in cool 6 site architecture, viewing experience, enterprise brand, such as a major revision, this also is closely related with the next mobile strategy. In addition, the cool 6 will will launch a series of tools to guide and assist users to upload video.

on the business model of considerations, 6 in the short term will still be realized mainly by advertising. Unlike in the past, the future will gradually join in the activities of large brand marketing elements; In addition, for the high quality of user-generated content, cool 6 will slowly grope for the new play. Du Fang revealed in the fourth quarter will have clearer business models and new product launch.

but there is a problem, is that cool 6 original advertising due to job cuts in 2011, replaced by shanda’s also an advertising company to take over. It had a certain influence on 6 new strategy, also affect the dock with the customer resources, reduces the communication efficiency of the internal system.

, said du Fang cool 6 will bring the function of advertisement back to comb. In addition, he will be more communication with advertisers, “I think this communication is not enough, before relative before it is disconnected with the content, now need more.” According to its, the company has determined in late August and early September there will be a competitions or customer meeting.

mobile strategy emphasizes the aggregation

under the moving trend, cool 6 has realized that couldn’t be late. In addition to the “activity” drive user UGC, “mobile” also became du Fang debut another keyword.

du Fang revealed that 6 will launch a series of APP in the mobile terminal products, help them study how to do a video, how to upload a good video content, how to play the video interesting. But for a specific APP product types and functions of du Fang were not disclosed.

however, can be found from their conversation, cool 6 mobile strategy more biased towards video quality polymerization. In addition, the cool 6 has been planning the strategy of “big data”. Previously, based on the data analysis of user behavior, cool 6 network has 6 video APP wonderful recommend columns made changes, become human editors recommend to recommend the machine system, through the machine intelligence of user behavior mining to make recommendations accordingly.

du Fang revealed that although Chen now didn’t give him setting specific goals, but in terms of cool 6 present situation, he himself had to all immediately. The following is the most important work, is how to let you know as soon as possible and cool this brand, to regain influence.