Cookies, Goodbye! Microsoft will launch a new technology, tracking, WP, IE, the Xbox platform users access to the Internet

the AdAge reported that Microsoft will launch a new user online trace tracking technology, instead of the third party Cookies. This new technology can across the multiple product platforms, including Windows computers, Bing, IE browser, WP and Xbox. Analysts believe that Microsoft’s move is to provide accurate way of advertising, to attract advertisers.

Microsoft had earlier said in a statement: “we consider launching a replace original Cookies products is very important. Under the premise of Microsoft in the respect of consumers, find a more appropriate method. So far, the existing Cookies technology at doing “cross-platform” is not satisfactory. Such as smart phones, (game) controller, streaming media service platform, such as Cookies technology can not accurately grasp the user data (even lost would happen).

at the moment, we don’t know when Microsoft will launch the technology. Although the details about the technology of Microsoft hasn’t been reported by the media, but sources said, the new user network trace tracking technology will be the identification marking in the user equipment. AdAge, moreover, the report also pointed out that the new technology will greatly reduce the existing safety problems caused by the Cookies, because all user information by Microsoft is responsible for handling.

in such an era of big data, master user of Internet information, will undoubtedly become one of the necessary conditions for the Internet company to liquidate. After media reported that Google will launch a service instead of third-party Cookies . In addition, apple, Facebook has also launched a separate product (IDFA in Safari, Facebook’s general log tool), in order to compete for user’s web information initiative.