Cook meeting three carriers in China to discuss the new iPhone is introduced into the problem?

the author: Kang Zhao

on July 31, news, for apple CEO Tim? Cook in 30, on the morning of Wednesday, China mobile and China telecom executives, according to people familiar with the matter, in addition to explore reasons in the decline of the iPhone sales in China, the three operators whether and how to introduce the new iPhone is also a important topic, China unicom and China telecom is expected to continue to introduce, but it is unclear whether the China mobile is introduced.

a new round of intensive talks with China’s three big operators

Tim? Cook met with only when the first to come to China, China unicom, the top, then close contact with China telecom’s hierarchy, although China mobile did not cooperate with the company, but since the original wang jianzhou, chairman of China mobile very wants to introduce the iPhone, have positive connection with apple company, therefore, since March 2012, cook every time when coming to China to visit China, at the same time senior three major telecom operators.

according to people familiar with the matter, Tim? Cook first came to China mobile, is supposed to arrive is 9 o ‘clock in the morning that China mobile headquarters.

this, China mobile group company spokesman also be confirmed, and said China mobile chairman xi guohua, etc and Tim? A line cook cooperation held talks, based on both sides of the confidentiality agreement, revealed details of inconvenience.

Tim? Cook should be near the left China mobile at noon, then he should be in this a day or two at the same time met with top China unicom.

China is expected to introduce two iPhone

according to people familiar with the matter, in addition to discuss how to change the iPhone sales in China fell sharply, the very important issues are introduced with three big operators to explore a new generation of the iPhone.

the apple CEO Tim? Cook during his visit to China comes as apple “down the altars. Apple’s earnings, according to its greater China sales bad, this quarter apple revenue of $4.64 billion in the greater China region, fell 14% year on year, plunged 43% month-on-month.

so, for the company, in cooperation with the China three carriers to promote a new generation of iPhone is very important.

the apple in the autumn will launch a cheap version of the iPhone and iPhone 5 s, the former mainly for Asian countries such as China, India, the latter to the world, to be sure, if the two iPhone, China unicom and China telecom will be introduced, but China mobile is introducing remains unclear, especially the introduction of cheap iPhone obstacle, because any iPhone must support the introduction of China mobile td-scdma 3 g, but too much qualcomm did not support this type of chips for apple to choose from.

source: sina science and technology