Cook: apple never cater to low-end “junk market”

Thursday, apple CEO Tim cook, iOS designer Jonathan ive, software engineering, President of Craig federico ji accepted an interview with bloomberg businessweek. In spite of the interview was asked to apple products recession in the global market, and competitors Android the development of sensitive topic, you can cook and others still calm, confident.

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businessweek: apple’s share price has fallen compared apogee now 33% . Only in a New generation of iPhone released the same day, apple’s share price has dropped 5 point, what do you think about that?

Tim cook: we have become accustomed to apple is like a roller coaster of ups and downs in the stock market volatility. When the share price, I won’t be happy to get carried away; When shares fell, cut wrist suicide I wouldn’t be depressed.

business week : according to the IDC according to the survey, the current price of smartphone has been reduced to 450 $ – 375 $(model). The the iPhone 5 s the price is as high as 650 $(model). In the face of price competition in the field of smart, apple how to respond?

Tim cook: apple never compete on price, for a smartphone market, there will always be waste section. Apple’s products are not to waste section. someone complain too high, the price of apples is good, price is high is no doubt about it. I believe apple users, they pay more attention to product performance and use of the experience. I don’t think that apple lost the low-end market, because we never put himself out there.

businessweek: in the iPhone 5 c before, a lot of people think it is apple opened up a low-end market. In fact, the iPhone 5 c the price is as high as 550 $(model), well above analysts predicted 300 us. Don’t you feel the iPhone 5 c pricing is too high?

Tim cook: apple never intends to sell low-end phones. We launched the the iPhone 5 c the purpose is to let the consumer can be at a lower price, enjoy the apple devices to bring the perfect experience.

businessweek: we have noticed that most of the media to a New generation of iPhone expressed disappointment. Many people have pointed out that apple lost jobs era of innovation ability. Really?

ivey: apple not opportunists, we won’t just put a tiny improvement, included in the list of sexual revolution.

federico ji: innovation for apple is the easy things. But the key is, we need to do the right thing.

businessweek: Android has exceeded the smartphone market share 88% . Although apple App Store produce greater profits, but Google Play downloads of applying higher than you 10% . When the whole smartphone market in the Android tilt, apple how to deal with?

Tim cook: I also would like to list some data. According to the statistic NetMarketShare, global mobile network traffic, from the iOS equipment of traffic than 55% . The Android equipment accounted for only for 28% . In addition, in the whole tablet mobile traffic generated by the network shopping, the more than the proportion of the 88% . (from a survey) that is to say, although Android shipments is bigger, can use area is one of the most widely is still the apple devices. For a not commonly used equipment, huge market share what’s the meaning? Not only that, when consumers respectively using iOS and Android after, can realize the great difference between the two. Apple’s philosophy is to bring the user satisfaction, use our product to enrich user’s life, rather than after the purchase was thrown in the drawer.”