Contribution: under pressure, ma

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

WeChat team issued a statement last night, admitted WeChat take up the signaling channel of telecom operators, and to optimize 2.5 G network. Signaling is operations and operators to discuss solutions, ease the micro letter occupy too much communication network signaling resources problem.

ma microblog responded by operators, application service providers, network equipment manufacturers and mobile terminal manufacturers work together, not only can greatly enhance signaling resources efficiency, also can greatly reduce the mobile power. Multilateral technological cooperation is the right path, tencent technical team will be in the next generation product test research and development of dynamic intelligence in a heartbeat technology (frequency).

different things, I believe this is tencent intentionally. (however, this statement is issued to tencent, grinding his teeth). Tencent to whole society release signal, admitted his mistake. Mean all sorts of newspapers, all sorts of TV don’t focus on it, you a focusing operator, the ministry will focus on us..

lost! In game and operators, tencent finally failed! In just a few weeks time, tencent had struggled, but ultimately proved to be useless, even though I know, tencent in the back, behind the pr company to the people playing the sympathy card, but the operators has not dropped a little tear.

simple review under the “process of its transformation.

at first, operator accused tencent resource-intensive. Then, from micro letter. Tencent statement operator is wrong, then provide WeChat count more than the TAB. Then, tencent WeChat never charge to deny these rumors. Then, the ministry backed operators. Then, should not be charging for WeChat tencent said. Then strong operator, and then the ministry for operator station…

kai-fu said, charging for WeChat pessimistic attitude, the most optimistic scenario is a package. A word into a stamp.

as a santana, at ordinary times when the boss when in the rivers and lakes there for a long time, met the officers and soldiers, even though his low-key humility, but also helpless, because interest in itself is no longer a channel, officers and men don’t listen, just shout at top of voice, announced the tencent’s indictment, the sword the

tencent to cattle, he positioned at most and operators, he dare to play operators behind the ministry’s face?

sighs, transatlantic Google are building their own network, step by step firmly grasp their fate in their own hands.

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