[contribute] on the daily economic news “of the” new”

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Zhou Zi sand, chengdu IT practitioners, Internet analyst, at present the network engineer for a game company

on the daily economic news “is particularly likely to (a)

“daily economic news” reported the special news “ 360 ” prism door : Internet information security problem sample ” has been born 8 days.

on the Internet to the original title search in baidu, found that many of the web page to see the title, but now can’t open the content. Especially the “daily economic news” published the article sites, but also automatically article from the shelves. Ask a friend, say in the post on the second night, with each will take it down. , it is said that the instruction is according to the “top” of.

that is to say, each has self castrated.

and search “prism door, 360 “, as a result, scarred, dozens of friends or news article, most can not open, are “ 404 has been deleted.

one day after the Spring Festival this year, with each release of large project “ 360 black box puzzle qihoo 360 ” cancer sex gene the uncensored “, was unveiled the “ 360 safe, not safe “, and look on the network 360 is very lively, pop-up window and press conference what of, but in fact, 360 totally messed up condition. Probably as a result of the finally let “ 360 security and security “to get the most extensive popularization and education.

but, when “ 360 prism door “was born, just know this group of articles really stepped on 360 seven inches. This article will be “ 360 security, no security “, from the first group of “black box” of the anatomy of technical and business point of view, to the article to show more social level, originally each Internet users also can say “claptrap, hang high”, and this article a, probably all of “panic”.

but it has a variable, in addition to the common visible “castration” online, there are several more, had to be worth mentioning.

first of all, is that almost all the media silence. Probably everyone remember the goods with the battle of foxconn, in any case, many media will come out for a gain. A fortune in those days is won or lost, I really don’t remember it now, but there is one, even if lost, also is routed YouRong.

if any media have their own views, but impossible, agree to all media objects or does not support the news with each observation point. If the media is the collective bought, that is China’s sadness, fear nothing, because there is no a media dare if every classics, “seeing”. Maybe, this is the great misfortune of China.

and at the same time, the opinion leaders and contains “the media” opinion leaders. Since the media and opinion leaders is what kind of flowers, everyone agree with. But on this one thing, “flower flowers after I kill” only a big white flowers: silence silent. There is hardly a “famous” “since the media expressed the opinion. Only see, is a famous and a small man in micro the letter forwarded in this article, the results immediately by a group of there was an obvious 360 sign of siege and abuse. As a result, also have no a man out support for this person.


these sad, is not without the power of the rights and wrongs, but fear, and with a Chinese super local ruffians and numbness.

there is a small detail, techweb quietly in the 7 4 , there is a small vote, is to look at the Internet users is to support with each support 360 , and 7 7 days later, the result is 97.2% support with each. That will probably mean everyone in the heart of a steelyard. As for the next two hours, someone (there is no evidence that is 360 ) pour the results through the brush brush votes to favour even so, also have 30% of the people support with each.

but why we can’t hear the media and opinion leaders of 30% or 97% ?

think of gong zizhen’s nearly two hundred years ago: a poem

kyushu angry benignly fenglei,
horses stand mute. Investigate can cry.