[contribute] mobile security layout: 360 tanks attack Baidu tencent air bombardment

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

the PC Chinese Internet seating seemingly has not scheduled, but has actually been scheduled, but is more terrible this scheduled is only temporary, mobile Internet, haven’t sit heat to the throne, first leather face own life, the competition of mobile Internet has evolved from PC area to giant self revolution speed of the competition.

mobile security layout is also so, do not agree with the PC play completely. PC can be a choice of 3 q the outbreak of war, to mutually unloading area between outbreak of security guards. User’s desktop is the user’s look, but control is not strong. Everyone crouched in the lower right corner desktop, start with a another deadly turf war.

security instructions of the mobile Internet era has changed. Users of mobile phone, growing mastery of man-machine combination, hiding his all in each individual phone behavior, including communication, social networking, shopping, etc. All game. The implication is that if the security giants are also in accordance with the PC game to turf, it will inevitably cause a large users. Dare to infringement of personal YinSiZhe, unloading without forgiveness. Has always been strong in the domestic market before 360, for example, because do not conform to the arrogant and hard-nosed apple requirement for privacy protection, product was pulled from the shelves, has yet to recover.

next, let’s take a look at the domestic manufacturers of mobile security layout, can look to see about it. I said wrong, welcome to clap brick.

360 jinshan lineage PC game: individual soldiers share

from the PC 360 strategic board has three: first, the installed capacity and the user’s actual length would be match, the time is short of effective contact with the user. Second, the lack of the secondary business, cannot be established with users demand subdivision, in-depth constant contact. Third, the lack of identity authentication system, the basic model of its security business are born to be anonymous.

in earnings, 360 income mainly includes advertising, and games combined transport. This way of diversion of the revenue, however, faces increasingly difficult situation, because the user is gradually transferred to the mobile phone.

competition for the mobile Internet, mobile phone 360 guards apparently more will adopt a positive attitude of aggression, such as the users to download the mobile guards, may be recommended to install 360 mobile browser, 360 mobile phone desktop, and other products. This and the PC game almost unanimously.

this is a company development typical behavior of the business, because it must rely on the keywords branching out and curve saving money.

but it can cause the user, because some users on the mobile end does not need security protection, whether it is a high-end smartphone users or low and mid-range smartphones and functional machine, need more of is a professional software.

360 mobile guards in December 2012 to 2012. Large user base, and strength. But unfortunately, 360 security guards in the iOS version is still not recovered after apple’s app store shelves.

Jin Shanzai PC’s role has always been 360 competitors’ second role, and after the tencent in jinshan would become tencent’s Allies, closely related to companies such as baidu, millet, at the same time.

golden hill also want to survive, so, when do not fight, also need to male plow female weave, station troops food, play, and 360, but some relative to civilization, without much elaboration.

tencent, baidu and struck: play the mobile industry chain

3 q war, tencent have deeply felt the importance of safety. Obviously, once the security, has been build business models will be threatened. So tencent started cooperation with golden hill network security, kaspersky anti-virus vendors push safety products, and launched QQ computer keeper, will be open security as an important strategy and tactics. This is based on the PC security layout. The current layout and smooth, is unlikely to happen again safety war.

but in the mobile end? Our basic judgment, tencent in the fist on mobile security product is his own research and development of tencent phone butler, and constructs a series of mobile security industry chain around the fist.

according to public information, tencent Android, iOS, Symbian phones housekeeper now has covered three smartphone platform, by the end of 2012, more than 140 million users. In the aspect of safety protection set virus killing, harassment interception, privacy, rights management, mobile phone anti-theft security protection functions such as, with independent research and development of local + cloud antivirus engine.

from description see, this is a security applications and the nature of almost 360 security guards. Soldiers for soldiers to will, so look at tencent two play seems almost 360, tencent and other resort?

a company press release is the most true expression products, a company boss, speech is the most real strategic position. So it is necessary for us to see how big boss ma huateng of tencent is about the importance of mobile security and tencent’s layout.

last three public lectures, ma said to mobile security, enough to show tencent emphasis on mobile Internet security and strategy. And again and again when it comes to mobile security is not given to a company to be able to solve completely, put forward that mobile phone security is together with all developers should participate in all industry.

why ma say so? Because Mr Ma to play ranged attacks.

three speeches, ma has depicted the tencent open mobile security platform strategy: tencent mobile phones housekeeper not only located in a safe product, it will position itself in the industrial chain of “water”, the mobile security technology and platform of cloud security resource contribution, make industry chain partners as needed.

we according to public information to look at how tencent to build mobile security of this industry chain.

for the application market of cooperation: to provide electronic market including application security testing and official licensed certification.

for mobile phone manufacturer cooperation: cooperation way is contribution to the security modules, keep the cell phone manufacturers as required.

for ROM developer cooperation: tencent provide “security module” rich ROM developers system.

apparently, tencent’s strategy is to use in the field of mobile security industry sending water permeability, the construction of industry chain is also embedded in the whole tencent mobile industry chain construction, it is a kind of typical defense treated aggressively strategy, with 360 was not in the same dimensions, in the mobile industry chain, don’t give 360 against his chance. In fact, tencent also need not to profit by safe mode, the most core is to escort, including their mobile industry chain.

tencent and 360 in the difference between the two sides in the mobile security, tencent put safety as a moat open company strategy execution, do big market around the industrial chain, study the strategy of apple, don’t let any opportunity to attack, 360 and 360 is to copy the PC experience in the past, the security as a share of profits.

so, like tencent have aircraft carriers and long-range bombers, have something direct remote air bombardment. Infantry and tanks in the PC market has a strong army of 360, even if there is a bomb, wouldn’t be able to launch out, once the war first, will be a fatal blow, in addition to its close, close, some enterprises, no can and attack to tencent in the field of mobile Internet industry chain partners.

some media received the invitation letter, according to tencent phone housekeeper will be at a press conference this month in 22, could be announced a series of blockbuster action. Sources say it’s bodyguard for micro letter released micro letter? Or announced more cow force function? Or update the game? This is tencent in showing the different dimensions of force?

baidu and tencent’s style is similar, relying on the map search implementation such as remote sniper and hand-to-hand combat. Baidu last year bought the snacks, master its android optimization has been quietly phone guard of the evolution of baidu.

march, baidu application center was renamed mobile assistant. The new system optimization function binding the android optimization master. Media analysis, I think it is integrated and diversion. Compare optimization master android version 3.0 and 360 mobile guards, the difference is only basic in the mobile antivirus this feature. In the eyes of new users, optimization master android version 3.0 May have not master “optimization”, but rather akin to guard the phone, despite the name didn’t change.

baidu mobile assistant introducing third-party company security engine, has been interpreted as a sniper 360 on mobile security, but is actually a sniper 360 income of hand-to-hand combat. Baidu mobile assistant challenging opponent is 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 mobile phone assistant application download distribution channels, such as safety inspection is an auxiliary function.

combat pattern forecast: sogou 360 there will be war?

used to implement 3 sb war in search of sogou, the competition in the mobile Internet market with 360 is probably now is yet to come. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull