[contribute] baidu bought 91, what kind of friend will be surprised?

this paper contribute hunting cloud network readers see outside door

early yesterday morning, phone vibrate, open the weibo micro letter, with the “family” 91 married baidu news, then all day and all the websites industry large since all of the media in a variety of analysis, is not talking about 91 takeover will be eliminated by the IT Fashion industry posture. See comments from these words, was opened on the joys and sorrows; In can’t see their friends’ conference room and phone lines, and what is happening in the discussion? Right from the perspective of an onlooker bold speculation, the news came out, what friends to be surprised?

91 friends, you shocked?

Bear the brunt of the

peas . Peas wake up, waking with $1.9 billion in marriage, I didn’t know is happy it is sorrow.

on the other hand, as a mobile phone assistant, ranking third in the field of peas, primary goal is not love a fight, and seasoned 360 but first take out the same grassroots and focus in the field of single 91, obtained a robbed the victory of the war. Results, like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, junior 91 assistant suddenly on a super big style, more than 360 senior family background, ahead of his two once become noble, nearly as hard. Peas look back behind the famous youth mentor, psychological influence than substance. Next, can firmly hold the industry’s third place, have a happy ending. This is a sorrow.

but, followed by the acquisition of the spring breeze blows to oneself, also worth surge followed, if really can fetch a good price, don’t waste before work. But then there are a lot of problems to solve: like baidu sorghum sentient beings have righteousness and have good buyers, where are you? If the buyer is coming, do you want to sell?

with peas, you should tell me about the Lao zhou. But due to the Lao zhou is also the friend of baidu, might as well on the last said.

baidu’s old partner surprised, but not stay

91 junior partner is less; Baidu’s old partner is much more. Old friends living river’s lake for many years, the strength is abundant, see much manipulated, accustomed to the GuJiao schools of thought contend. Therefore, old partners must be surprised, but not to stay.

for ali, the acquisition is never new, ali is acquirer. And still lies in all our resources for the issue of the mobile Internet era, any purchase behavior, all can affect the big picture of fruit planted in the future. So, in the face of 91 takeover, Mr Ma will probably “unexpected, understandable”. Mr Ma’s own ambition have come, from the electronic commerce, to dabble in logistics, and get their hands on entertainment, to construct financial empire, always a little in the way of doing them. But link, is take the path of the countryside to encircle the cities. For Mr. Ma’s strategic analysis is too much, don’t go into here. BAT in the “big three”, Mr Ma is one of the most unique a walk, and two other conflicts will not occur in the short term, battle only happen in the future. Baidu to buy 91, therefore, for Mr Ma. Hear 91 takeover, Mr Ma is also showing a bit of the mysterious smile on the blueprint of building a business empire yourself, continue to circle in the next step is to purchase the list of companies.

for Pony of shock are higher than ma. Because WeChat mobile platform and baidu search platform has some similar properties, and in the same direction of walking, for a long time, will be used to compare and debate over who really got the tickets.

from a user’s point of view, the micro letter heavy social, is strong account system, always online every day. At present, the letter and hand Q DAU up past million; Baidu search to locate mobile search platform, meet demand, especially when information demand, the user will naturally cell phone use baidu. Baidu has also disclosed the information a few months ago, the mobile phone of baidu DAU is already over. Although platform focuses on attributes, the account system, but at the user level, WeChat and baidu mobile search is just to satisfy the user’s strong, match each other.
The developer level:

micro letter through public account system, attracted a large number of developers, the developers service accurately assigned to users. But one can’t overcome natural defects, is in the account system, if a user does not know do not pay attention to the developer account, it is hard to through other behavior in order to make the developer in a micro letter system services. (each in mind of this, the author always regret, wouldn’t it be nice if Pony and Robin). In addition, the recent public account standard and the adjustment of the open platform, also in affecting the developers on the layout of the micro letter. In fact, in the end, on the business model, micro letter want to do big business, is a rich man’s business; In the future, the small and medium-sized developers want to WeChat hit a piece of heaven and earth, all the difficulties.

baidu has been to developers and the olive branch. If, before baidu in all developer cooperation is still in the theory, recently, baidu and the work of developers, already. These two days, there is a flood in 91 acquisition of flood developers words “, “just released an interesting signals: good doctor online why turned its focus to the web app? Because move through the baidu search platform, has brought the good doctor web app native app cannot flow. This article for developers, especially the small and medium-sized developers, there is no doubt that it seems a kind of new development. And the addition of 91, thousands of developers on the platform, it is the people who need this kind of development ideas. 91 just as baidu on the native app distribution strategy, certainly underestimated the baidu mobile ambitions. 91 to join, not only brought its original native app distribution advantage, but also for the mobile baidu web app distribution, store a lot of valuable resources. Qiaofu with Thai rice, have do not delicious man-han banquet.

this is why Pony by shock.

in the end, to molest the Lao zhou just missed. At the same time as a junior partner in 91 and baidu, believe that the pressure of the Lao zhou is the biggest of all.

91 buddy Lao zhou: oneself is confident strength fully and clearly lead user base, and I will be not far from the second place, suddenly on the electric vehicles. Although electric cars can’t catch up with his don’t know, but it is certainly pressure greatens abruptly. With Lao zhou character, must have been sitting at home ‘criticisms, to prepare some publicity at the same time, for over 91 acquisition. Lao zhou, come on!

baidu friend Lao zhou: compared with the three giant BAT, though Lao zhou by someone to fight is the famous everywhere, but from the point of strength and seniority, Lao zhou is still a junior partner, rather than the old partner. Lao zhou is currently 360 mobile search lightning, good unfortunately opportunely, mobile search could touch phone baidu cheese, your strengths mobile assistant suddenly own backyard. Actually for a long time, I didn’t see search for 360, is an important step of strategic layout, or disrupt the enemy’s tactical maneuvers. But in either, now look at mobile phone assistant, 360 pressure, need to step up countermeasures; The mobile search, regardless of 360 lightning which day can come out; Out effect all dare not to than the construction of a web app, only look at the search itself, also not necessarily can catch up with baidu’s phone. Lao zhou, continue to refuel!