Contribute 】 【 readers know the network has become a martyr, don’t social electricity business opportunity?


this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

pour out the beautiful net, which has tried to taste from mushroom street, said the beautiful big alligator mouth on crocodile mouth food web site also has finally become a member of the martyrs, may be the result is already doomed, even should it happen very early, glad, it lasts till now.

it has been said that Google’s war is not the cause of the Baidu because Google in by Baidu Baidu, sounds reasonable.

so, know and mushrooms in the us open street, beautiful said giants such as spelling a user process, is to use the mushroom street, said the beautiful way? It should be said that, after all, the product type and relative positioning, although the slogan is different.

high giant market, and the grassroots to rise, with a big way, to do, the most is bad, the probability of success will be very low.

so, grassroots want to entrepreneurship in the field of social electricity can’t we have the chance? There may be, at least I think so.

because, I learned that such an entrepreneurial teams, focus on the QQ space, everyone home page open platform, such as vinegar technology entrepreneurship team, they also choose the social direction of electricity as a business, but with mushroom street, beautiful said that vertical e-commerce sites of socialization, the socialization of entrepreneurial teams electricity project is through QQ space, renren these open platform, at present, their application in QQ space development guide fashion class happy tao, online after 2 months, had more than 300000 active users, and continues to grow, the most important thing is that they have won the VC investment.

in fact, the use of renren, QQ space such as socialization of social relation and the theory of e-commerce sites have already, but the real implementation to the actual and the success of the project few and far between, so, success in this is not a simple use of social relations, the import application so simple, how to operate this project is the key, otherwise, everyone shopping would have succeeded.

in the end, want to point out that social electricity market there are many opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship, and often appear in such opportunity is not on the direction of the “rush”, sometimes, learn more, think more, do exploration through other channels of mature curve route for saving may a little higher the probability of success.